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David-3David Snoad was born in England, lives in Switzerland since 1966 and is a cantonal approbated practitioner of natural medicine in Heiden in the beautiful Swiss canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

His interest in this profession began very early. But he felt not mature enough in his younger years. A few years later he finally did his education at the Paracelsus schools in Germany, the natural medicine practitioner examination in Switzerland was successfully completed in November 1996 and he opened his practice in Heiden in February 1997.

In his practice, he has offered several forms of therapy. Initially EAV (electroacupuncture according as of Dr. Voll) and bio-resonance were in the foreground, later Informational Medicine (Radionics). For him however, the turn came with his visit (along with his wife Carla) to the healer John of God (João de Deus) in Abadiania in Brazil. This and the encounters with other therapists, who also increasingly take in to account the spiritual side of healing and its possibilities have influenced his way now and his future.

David did not feel out of place in Europe with this kind of healing but narrowed in his personal development. But after his wife Carla passed away in July 2014 he began to develop his ideas and his future. "The Project" was born.Asanka

Decisively contributed  to this has his longtime (and as he said at that time best) friend Asanka Fernando, born in Sri Lanka, who he met during a vacation stay in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and with whom he has since continuously been in contact. Since his decision David has received from all sides support and assistance which have been a confirmation for him that he is on the right track. As Hermann Hesse once visited Sri Lanka  and set his foot on land, he said "If God created paradise here on earth, it is here". It is also well known that Sri Lanka has very strong energetic and spiritual properties.

CarlaAsanka Fernando should also have been decisively involved in the planning, implementation and operation of the center. Unfortunately we had to part from him. He has succumbed to drugs and his character has completely changed. You can no longer believe him or trust him anymore.

It was Asankas idea to call our future home "Carla's Home". As a follow-up, the idea came to me to name the treatment center  "Carla's Heritage Health Center". Finally, it was all just financially possible thanks to the constant work of my wife together with me in the 38 years of our marriage Gayanthaand partnership. It is also her undertaking!

Gayantha Nadeera has in February 2019 taken over Asanka's place.. He is also a longtime friend and was born in Sri Lanka, who David also met during a holiday in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and with whom he has been in constant contact ever since. David can rely 100% on him and he is a great help to him.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Sri Lanka!! Love and Light - David



What led to this


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