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The gates were ordered in February 2017 with delivery promised in three weeks. I brought the photo of the ordered gates (see above) about 10 times because they kept on mislaying it.

Five months later they were delivered but still not finished! Two large panels were missing on the backside and the oval plates with the letters “CHHC” were neither finished nor mounted.

More than 50 times we called or passed by to complain. “I will send someone tomorrow morning” And then when the man didn’t come “I will send him after lunch”. Then again “He will come this evening!” Then “We can’t come to do the welding because it is raining in between”.(In the end they were fixed with rivets and not welded anyway!) Then one time “The paint sprayer is broken, We can’t paint the panels!”

Promises, promises and promises and nothing held! In the end we even had to pay for fuel that someone came at last to fix the panels! We are still waiting (July 5th) for the plate with the letters “CHHC”, the hinges and the promised paint!

Avoid this business!WS-Azg24-17

Update 17.08.2017: Today we finally got the hinges and the oval plates with the letters! However very bad unsatisfactory work! Not at all as I imagined and ordered. We've always talked about having the letters mounted on the plate so they stand out. Now they are just painted on the plate (which is red and not black) in a very amateur way! We have to find another solution!

Avoid this business!                    

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