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Yapamudiyanselage Kalinga Rathna Namal AND Y.M. Karunarathna


Two real gangsters! Especially Kalinga! But his father is not much better!

I have had enough bad experiences with these two. Cheating and Lieing is just normal with them. And they promise everything, do not hold their promises and nothing is true.

It started when I organized a trip to Europe for Kalinga together with Asanka. The idea behind it was firstly that Kalinga saw what building quality I was used to and expecting from him and that they had the chance to visit Europe and could both help me pack all the household goods in preparation for the move to Sri Lanka. They arrived and after several lokal visits including a short trip to Germany they wanted to visit friends in Italy. We did so and I drove them there.

However shortly after our return to Switzerland before we could start with the packing Kalinga told me - with tears in his eyes! - that his brother had called him to tell him that his grandmother was in hospital and was dieing and he must see her before. So I helped change the flights and Kalinga took Asanka with him as well. So I had to do all the packing alone. Kalingas father does not speak English and it was almost a year later when I and Lakshitha talked to him that I found out that noone had died at that time. That was the first time that he lied and cheated.

As far as the building with them is concerned it was lacking any sign of the promised “high quality”. And there was a breach of contract because the promised quality control as of the contract never took place in spite of my requesting it many times. They knew exactly why!

The water tank construction was planned in a way so that security had a room with all the technical things on the ground floor and a restroom with bathroom on the first floor. And also so that we could live there until the buildings were finished. The windows did not fit in their frames and the frames did not fit in the spaces for the windows. With rain accompanied by wind flooding in the rooms was normal! The electrical installations were bad as well. Power points had no power, light switches and lights did not work, wiring was not as planned and the electrician had no idea what the word “straight” means. Even three power points next to each other “sloped downhill”. Fittings in the bathroom were not fixed straight either. Not even the towel rail! And the floor tiles were in two shades. Obviously from two different productions. This is not quality work! Then the railing for the outside staircase was delivered but not fixed. OK, the day they brought it and wanted to fix it we had a power cut which lasted from 10 am to 5 pm. One could not blame anyone. These things happen. But even weeks later the material was just lieing around and had not been fixed. Then the “new” waterpump! They said when they installed it that the power (at that time from the neighbour) was insufficient for it to work. But even after we had the correct power it did not work. It turned out that it was a secondhand pump!  

Kalinga & Co. did not even give the the workers a ladder. And when they had to tighten bolts of some scaffolding they did not even have a spanner. Then the drill they had did not work! Luckily I had brought an aluminium threepiece ladder with me and also a lot of tools. But they do not take care of anything. When I got the drill back the key to tighten the drills themselves was missing. I had to buy a replacement! And with the ladder it had been damaged and pieces were missing as well.

I only became aware of things that were going wrong with the other buildings after some workers showed me things and gave me some information. In the guesthouse they had made the foundation, on top of that a cement beam and then the bricks. That was OK as far as I could judge.


In the mainhouse the foundation had been badly cemented (not enough cement), and the cement beam was missing. This led to cracks in the walls very quickly as the foundation was obviousy not stable

HL-Foundation_Mainhouse   HL-Mainhouse-Wall-Crack-1   HL-Mainhouse-Wall-Crack-2

The following specifications are in the agreement of February 9th 2017:

  • Foundation   : 6”x9” / 6”x4” Black stone wall 1’-2’ above the earth level and 1’-6”to -2’ below the earth level.
  • (The size of a base pit is 3’x3’x3’. The amounts have been made for a
  • Common firm ground. The First party agrees to change this according to the
  • Changes in the type of the sand and the foundation.

These specifications have not been adhered to!

Where concrete/cement floors have already been done what sand is under the concrete/cement? What is the thickness of the concrete/cement?

These things will all have to be the subject of an evaluation  done by a qualified engineer when the time comes.

Then in the therapy center the concrete floors have alredy been done and in one storage room in the mainhouse as well. However they should have put in some special red sand before concreting. This is missing. Instead they just took sand from the building site which is very salty and not suitable and did not even stamp it to compress it. On top of this the concrete is only 2” thick and should be 6”! And they should have laid the pipes for the plumbing first as well.

Quality work with these people? FORGET IT. DON’T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM!


Agreement of  9. February 2017: " Please note that when we are doing under our contraction strict quality control and measure principals which giving due consideration to the satisfaction to our customer.  All the contraction doing by excellent and fully quality."

BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!

The outer doors do not fit at all. The wall spaces are not the right size for the windows and the bathroom door and the windows and the bathroom door do not fit in their frames. The bathroom door was already damaged on delivery - lower panel - and also the frame (by the locking bolts) damaged during the mounting. Power sockets have no power, light switches and lights do not work, wiring has been done incorrectly (ouside light).

WTC-1   WTC-2

WTC-3   WTC-4

WTC-7   WTC-9   WTC-9-5


Agreement of February 9th 2017: " Please note that when we are doing under our contraction strict quality control and measure principals which giving due consideration to the satisfaction to our customer.  All the contraction doing by excellent and fully quality."

Sad evidence of the missing excellent and fully quality" after rain in Kalpitiya!

WT-5-1   WT-2

WT-5-2jpg   WT-5-2   WT-5

Windows and doors will have to be replaced!


Further points which have in the meantime turned up are as follows:

- when the bathroom was tiled and finished obviously the workers found it the simplest way to get rid of concrete and mortar rests to put them down the drain. It blocked one time completely but we managed to free it by removing such rests which were in the drain. However it still does not function properly and when one uses a little more water (showering, clothes washing) the waste water runs down the outside wall on the outside pipe on to the stairs.

WTC-Outside-pipe   WTC-staircase

- a further result of the drain problem is that in the corner of the bedroom where the drain is in the bathroom it is always damp. That is the whole room is damp. Not only do the clothes in the room suffer but it is a health danger as well.


- the plug in the washbasin in the bathroom does not function. When the plug is closed the water runs away all the same.

- Regarding the waste water which just runs in to the garden. This was discussed  and a small septic tank for the WTC waste water was promised. This still has to be done.


- The overflow pipe of the water tank is not completed. It ends next to the steps to the security room and when the tank is full and overflows the steps are flooded.


One of the latest development. There are cracks in the cement floor of the groundfloor of the WTC and in two outer walls.

After the walls at the front of the guesthouse were done it became obvious that there was something radically wrong with the level of the foundation or the cement beam as the windows on the right hand side seen from the outside are higher than on the left hand side or are higher on the left hand side than on the right hand side seen from the inside. We have now also seen that (again seen from the front) the windows on the left hand side of the building are lower down than the windows on the left hand side of the front of the building. Also (again seen from the front) the windows on the right hand side of the building are lower down than the windows on the right hand side of the front of the building. Windows in adjacent walls of the same building at four different heights! Not acceptable! Especially under the aspect of the Agreement of February 9th 2017: "All the contraction doing by excellent and fully quality."



At last on February 23rd the railing of the Watertankconstruction was mounted. However the quality does in no way reflect as promised in the Agreement of February 9th 2017: "All the contraction doing by excellent and fully quality."

Railing-1   Railing-2

Railing-3   Railing-4

Railing-5   Railings, poles and endcaps all at different heights!

Here an example of how it should be with correct heights etc.:


Since these pictures were taken some attempts have been made to make some corrections but it has not really improved the situation. It is just lousy work! The railing on the window side of the first floor is not straight and not vertical. That is it leans to one side. The painting is not done well either with most of the black paint on the red steps! On top of all that we were not informed that they were coming otherwise we would have taken precautions to protect the mounted LED strips. We told them to take care not to damage them but they succeeded in breaking one. Replacement cost LKR 8000!


March 1st 2018

On this day Kalingas father obviously tried to make use of Thahils absence and instructed or at least allowed the workers to use sand from the building site for the cement instead of the hardware sand (strictly illegal and which he thought I did not know) which led to me being urged by my neighbours and others to call the police and inform my lawyer. I have been stolen from, lied to and cheated enough. I will not tolerate this any more

Cement-1   Cement-2

The worker mixing the cement at 09:55, the cement at 09:57

Cement-3   Cement-4

Here the place where they took the sand at 10:07, and hier the place when they should have taken the sand at 10:09 (untouched!)

Also the work done that Thursday does not correspond with the plans. Walls and entrance door spaces are missing!

GH-1   GH-2


Damage caused by the lightning which struck the Watertank Construction on 22/23.05.2018

This was due partly because of the unprofessional installation done by the contractors electrician but mainly because of the missing lightning conductor or protecting system which should have been foreseen and installed on a building of this height by the contractor.

 (see engineers report)


Example of the electrical installations done by the electrician hired by Kalinga

After the thunderstorm damage the lamps on the first floor had to be replaced. We were absolutely shocked when we saw how the electrician had connected and isolatated the wiring. NO PROPER CONNECTORS AND NO ISOLATION TAPE! The wires just twisted together and covered with a little piece of plastic from some packing wrapped around them and knotted!


The electrician who did the repairs can testiy that the electrical installations done by this electrician were completely unprofessional and certainly not worth the money we had paid.


Things came to a crisis after the matter with the cement! No more contact!

As of the agreement the whole construction should have been finished on April 15th 2018!

In the end I contacted my lawyer and after consultation with him we decided to give them one more chance but with nailing them down completely as far as the date of completion was concerned. This was done in a third agreement which I prepared and was then handed over to Kalinga by my lawyer. Kalinga wanted to get it checked with his lawyer first and in the end on April 9th came to Kalpitiya to discuss it.

However Kalinga did not discuss the third agreement at all but made his demands and conditions! He needed further 40 days before he could continue the work. It would take a further 4 months to finish and he was not prepared to pay any kind of compensation.

He begged for us to give him one more chance. I wanted to consult my lawyer in Negombo in this matter but received no answer from him to my questions. Maybe he is also working for Kalinga & Co.

However thanks to my friend Gayantha in Abu Dhabi I now have a new and I think very competent lawyer in Colombo who we consulted on May 22nd. Following his advice we had an evaluation of the situation made by a qualified engineer on May 29th. He has promised his written report by June 4th. But he has already said that what Kalinga & Co. have done is criminal! The main thing which has been done wrong is the cement slab. There are no supporting beams and the slab is already sagging and will probably collapse very soon. This will have to be demolished and done new again. Also the foundation of the main house may have to be done new as well.

We received the report on June 5th in the afternoon. It confirmed what the engineer Prasanga had told us after his inspection together with his assistent Asiri. The cement slab will have to be demolished and done new again. The report also confirms our worst fears concerning the quality of the materials and the workmanship. Kalinga and his father were cheating on the whole line. You can read the full report here:


We have forwarded the report and other documents to our lawyer in Colombo. After he has read them we will discuss how to continue. But Kalinga and his father are definitely in for a hard time!


TO BE CONTINUED.......................


Quality work with these people?


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