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We describe our therapy concept as follows:

Our concept is a treatment of the whole human person on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as is deemed necessary. A physical complaint can result from a disorder on the emotional or other level(s). An emotional problem can have a physical disorder as the cause. Our aim is to find and treat the “root cause”. This is the only way to achieve complete balance and health of the individual and give them the possibility to maintain it.

Among other things we offer specific treatments for the following:

Physical complaints: Pain treatment, skin complaints, chronic illnesses, internal disorders of specific or all organs

Mental complaints: Burn-Out, Trauma, nervous disorders, illnesses of the elderly


We offer the following diagnostic and treatment possibilities which can be implemented as stand-alone treatments or in combination:

(Click on the treatment to see a detailed description)


Theragem - a combination of light, frequencies and the healing properties of gems, precious stones and metals

Radionics (Informational Medicine) - Inergetix CoRe System - a treatment on the informational level

Current stimulation therapy (low voltage) - Inergetix CoRe System - with specific or combinations of frequencies for a large number of complaints

Spiritual Healing (Fantom Surgery) - as of the teachings of Dr. Eugen Winschewski, Germany which can be useful for many physical problems

Ayurvedic Treatments - in Sri Lanka they are at home!

Heart Quest - Heart Rate Variability test which is used as a diagnostic tool and also to check the progress and results of the treatments

Wellness treatments (Beauty comes from the inside out): Theragem “Eternity” treatments, Manicure / Pedicure, Facial treatments (Anti-Aging), Massage


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