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History and background of Theragem Crystal Light Therapy

The Theragem is the current portable and easy to use version of since the early 90's existing crystal light therapy. Early versions of the crystal light therapy yielded abundant clinical examination results of treatment of a wide variety of physical and mental diseases. The Theragem is the further development and operates today in new areas.

Everything in the universe is made of energy; a fact proven by Einstein, which has been investigated by scientists during the last century  From the stars in the sky to the chairs and tables in our living rooms and in our own bodies everything has a resonance (or own vibration level) and its own electromagnetic frequency. The earth and the human body have energy fields of electromagnetic energy. From their epicenters - for the Earth, the north pole and the south pole, for the body the Asssemblage Point - energy waves are emitted as infrared waves, gamma radiation and ultraviolet radiation. The visible waves are perceived as light. When the energy flow of people is inhibited or modified in any way, this gets out of balance, which has an effect on health.


Crystal Light Therapy today

Crystals and gemstones are a natural storage of electromagnetic energy. A knowledge that has been shared and used since ancient times by doctors, healers and shamans. The bright colors of the emitted radiation are determined by the wavelength of the energy and can penetrate below the skin surface, thereby affecting the body's cells. This makes it possible to exert a favorable influence on the human energy system. By combining natural healing frequencies with color, light and precious stones one achieves a up to 100x greater effect on the frequencies of the body's cells, organs and body glands, thereby quick and positive results are obtained. By combining the precision electronic devices and the ancient medical knowledge and the wisdom of shamans and healers Theragem provides a modern solution for pain and illness. The Theragem, although quite able to cope with the complex requirements of a variety of medical conditions is, despite everything, easy to use and apply.

Dielectric Resonance acts by transferring energy from the affected body parts, penalizing the healthy areas of the body. So it causes an optimal redistribution of energy to restore health and well-being. Some diseases assert themselves by taking energy that is normally sent to healthy tissue, organs or glands; which weakens the whole energy system of the body.



The development of Crystal Light Therapy

Crystal Light therapy is able to annul the misdirection of energy to the diseased areas and to allow the immune system to work. You can divert the life energy of the clients from the disease and the energy from the diseased parts by cooling and calming overwrought areas, and by stimulation of areas with power shortage. In brief: this therapy uses the dielectric resonant properties of crystals together with natural healing frequencies and color, influencing the wavelengths and energy of living cells from tissue, bone, organs and glands.

The released energy is then freely usable for improving the health of the clients. Used for a wide range of health problems, we have to do it with a gentle technique that is able to activate the natural healing mechanisms of the body vigorously but without penetration into the body. Through its anticonvulsant properties it soothes muscles and nerves. Also it has analgesic and strong soothing properties, it improves circulation and vital energy and also acts as an anticoagulant. These characteristics distinguish them from individual therapies such as color light therapy, color therapy, crystal therapy or electromagnetic stimulation therapy. These are different therapies that lack the synergistic power of the crystal light therapy.

Properties of the crystals

The properties of gemstones have been recognized and used for millennia. They were originally used by the doctors and healers of ancient Vedic, maya African and Hebrew cultures

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