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Sri Lanka is known to have enormous potential energetically and spiritually, This was one of the reasons to choose Sri Lanka as the home for “Carla’s Heritage Health Center”.

From our point of view

Whether you call it spirit healing, spiritual healing, paranormal healing, Fantom surgery or howsoever, it was for me personally after my training and my beginnings as a medical practitioner and working with EAV, Bioresonance and finally radionics a logical development and personal fulfillment.Healing-Hands-3

I will not try to explain this phenomenon but am simply thankful to have this possibility and opportunity to help others. Augustinus Aurelius (354-430), bishop of Hippo, philosopher, church father and saint once said "Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature".

It was obviously determined that the paths of myself and Dr. Eugen Winschewski should intersect. I met him the first time in 2006 at the DGEIM in Heidelberg and he explained to me at a later time in his practice in Bad Kreuznach about Fantom surgery. I gave him the opportunity to give a lecture in Switzerland to the "Radionik-Forum.ch" . It was above all the Swiss participants who encouraged him to hold seminars and courses and conduct training. I was initially not present, but was able to experience later the fantastic possibilities of this therapy on my wife. Then I also decided to take the training. Today I'm grateful that I seized this opportunity.Healing-Hands-1

It was also the events and experiences that my wife and I had when we visited the healer João de Deus (John of God) in Abadiania in Brazil, which led to a turning point in my therapeutic activity.

You can describe it as working with an informational field (but not the same as in radionics). This informational field we can think of as the greatest future competence being present with which we can connect ourselves. This is of course also in regard to the possible health of our body. To enter this field what we have learned and the experiences in the past and the present must be released. It needs the openness for a process which previously could not be even imagined .

With Fantom Surgery we can connect ouselves to these informational fields, so we have the key in our hand to open the door to recovery and development.

Work is carried out with this method on the “Fantom”, such as the organs and joints. There are carried out with the cleaning of the informational field and the Fantom replenished with new radiance. A gentle healing process can be set in motion.

Fantom surgery is a procedure which was developed by Vivien Nix in Poland and is taught in Germany by Dr. Eugen Winschewski, Bad Kreuznach.

The treatments in the form of Fantom surgery do not replace the services of the physician or medical practitioner, but are complementary. It is a work in the fine-material part of humans and animals. These treatments usually have a positive impact on the client without touching actions being taken.

If one is interested in the definition ...

(The following is a translation from the German Wikipedia entries which are so much more open and clearer than the English ones)

WIKIPEDIA: Spiritual healing (also:spirit healing, paranormal healing) is a general term for a variety of alternative medicinal, esoteric, religious or magical treatments that do not fit into the conception of scientific medicine or classic psychotherapy.


Healing-Hands-2Religious-magical thinking about the healing effects of divine or other supernatural powers can be traced back up to the early days of medical history. Classic examples of Western culture are the Asklepios cult of the Greeks and the cult of saints and the exorcism in Christianity. In James 5.14 to 15 disease is brought into the proximity of sin, so that the "elders of the church" are responsible for the healing. Also in the Epistle to the Corinthians 12.9 Spiritual Healers are mentioned.

In cultures where the tradition of spiritual healing has survived, spiritual healers are consulted even with existing conventional medical care. Among the Indians of the Navajo Narion 72% of the surveyed residents reported such consultations. One made the statement: "The doctor give me pills for my body, the medicine man give me songs for my spirit.". Even immigrants from tradition-bound cultures, who are integrated into the Western world, often - when they fall ill - grab back on traditional healing methods from their home country. When  55 psychiatric patients with Turkish background living in Germany were interviewed by Assion among others. (1999)  ⅔ of them admitted having contact to one or more Hocas (religious healers). In South America if one is ill  it is absolutely normal that one visits the healer first and only if still necessary goes to the doctor.

In Britain spiritual healers are not only allowed to accompany the sick in the hospitals but are even welcomed.

Treatment MethodsHealing-Hands-4

Treatment methods that are associated with Spiritual healing, are for example: prayer healing, laying on of hands, Ho'oponopono, Huna, mediumistic healing, animal communication, prana, Reiki, Shamanism, pastoral care, family constellation, Therapeutic Touch, some parts of kinesiology.

The Radionics (in the 1980s a term coined by Hans Otfried Dittmer) is seen by some as a "device-based spiritual healing", since the mental attitude of the therapist - consciously or unconsciously - plays iin their view a major role in radionik methods, even if they are supposed to achieve more than just a "cure". Reincarnation therapy is also sometimes said to belong to it as well because it causes a removal of blockages in the energy flow. Parts of Ayurveda can be regarded as spiritual healing from a Western perspective through the use of Atmashakti, the internal power.

Contact and distance healing

Examples of treatment methods of spiritual healing with direct contact are laying-hands-on, Therapeutic Touch, pilgrimages of the ill, magnetopathy, healing power, Pranic Healing. Partial personal contact require, for example, shamanism, Reiki, Kinesiology and exorcism. However, also attributed with a far-distance effect.are for example, discussing, faith healing. then this is commonly referred to as distance healing. A remote action is also said to  be part of animal communication.

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