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"Information" is the magic word

The Inergetix system is a system for energetic and informational evaluation and therapeutic support. In the energy component, all in medicine known forms of energy are used. The informative aspect of the holographic nature of our existence is used to make evaluations and therapeutic support without physical contact and time delay. This is due to the new discoveries of global scaling.

History and operating principle of radionics (Informational Medicine)

Radionics is a bioelectronic diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, although it is only conditionally "electronic" in a sense. It is primarily found in the United States and England. The reports on the Radionics show that it represents one of the most unusual diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Long before modern quantum physics found that every substance has a characteristic radiation, others were already convinced of this fact. Ancient is the idea that all objects emit a force, a "fluid" "(or "aura") from which properties you can identify the type of the object and its condition.

To understand the therapy using Radionics, you have to know that any substance, any material in any potency has a particular vibration. This vibration contains the information of that substance or material. When a patient is treated, the used remedy (be it a drug, a homeopathic remedy, a nosode tailored to the patient's illness, or other remedies) can be radionically produced and transmitted. Briefly: Radionics is able to access fields with electromagnetic properties: (or expressed homeopathically fields with certain vibrational states) and in both directions - both through access and reading the information of such a field, for example, a patient, as well as transmission of information (for example, the homeopathic remedy Sepia D30) to the field of this patient or to a specific neutral carrier (e.g. drops or globules) for that patient. So both therapy and diagnosis are possible! Although here one understands with diagnosis, what treatment or what medicines does the client need to get back into balance.

Treatment with radionics (Informational Medicine)

With the help of radionics patients can also be treated when they are not even in the practice. The healing vibrations are not directly transmitted to the patient, but "communicated" in a very special way. Previously such programs were associated with a lot of manual work that can be done by computer now. With Radionics the patient data as well as an image of the patient is put in his file. Depending on the diagnosis, a therapy program will be determined. The treatments identified by the medical practitioner are recorded in the transmission file and the duration of the communication is set. Usually a communication of just a few minutes is sufficient. Now the computer takes the picture and personal details of the patient from the file at the specified time and they are then treated with the selected treatments. In this way, many patients can be treated every day radionically. To better understand this, one must know something about the findings of modern physics, which are also an explanation for phenomena that hitherto were inexplicable or even appeared  "stupid" to us. To transfer information you need to precisely define only the "target" and then establish a connection. The personal data of the target (with humans: surname, first name, date and place of birth) are unique on the informational level. Together they are similar to a mobile-phone number. - It only occurs once! The personal data are the "Address" on the information level. With the image the connection is of a different kind. Just as the atom which is known to us as the smallest part of matter (or so it was until recently), the smallest portion of light is a photon. It is also scientifically proven that a photon is able to divide itself and that there are then "twin photons". Through the research in this matter there is further evidence that twin photons are constantly in and stay in contact with each other and exchange information - no matter how great the distance is. Each photon knows everything about his twin.. We certainly have all smiled about "primitive" peoples who refused let themselves be photographed. Their argument that a part of them or even their soul would afterwards be “in the black box "seemed to us to be proof of their lack of education and naivety as well. But what we perceive as an image while seeing it is nothing else than millions of photons. A photograph consists of nothing other than - at least partly - twin photons of the captured object. All this explains why it is possible to treat a patient using his photograph.

What is Informational Medicine?

In healing, there are many phenomena that are not determined by quantity, space and time. These phenomena and related treatment modalities are not part of modern medicine, because they are not treated or explained by the physics of the 19th century. With the concepts and theories of modern physics however many can be explained and are even to be expected. However, some do not even fall within the scope with which modern physics deals, as these phenomena relate to living organisms. Examples of the methods of informational medicine are homeopathy, psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, distance healing, healing through prayer, Radionics, New homeopathy as of Körbler, family constellations and many more.

How was the Informational Medicine developed?

The use of information in all forms, such as words, signs, symbols, rituals, images, has always been an important part of medicine and even in the modern medicine they are still an important component, although this is often not recognized or dismissed as a placebo effect. With homeopathy it was discovered that even solutions or sugar pills, which contained neither the original substance nor otherwise known energy, have a healing potential. This was the first systematically developed form of informational medicine in recent history. Then electrical equipment for diagnosis and treatment were developed in the last century whereby it was believed mistakenly that they were based on energetic principles Radiotechnology. In reality, they were informatival nature, like radionics and - recently developed - computerized systems such as the QXCI- and CoRe systems.

What is the difference between the laws of information and those of energy and matter?

There are many informative modalities that use different external forms and are mostly misunderstood as energetic (see above). However, from the standpoint of the newly developing science of informational medicine they all have in common that they are using neither substances nor energy to diagnose and cure and instead it is based on the principles of information. In addition to the levels of matter and energy, information is a third level of existence, which is controlled and governed by its own laws. These differ in several respects from those of matter and energy. Matter and energy can be converted into each other or occur in combination with each other. Also, information can be converted into energy and vice versa, and in most cases, information is transported over energy. There is also a new aspect, the use of life sciences and healing practices, which is not recognized by modern physics (with the exception of Global Scaling); namely that information can be transmitted without the use of energy. This is possible because pure information is not determined by space and time.

How does informational medicine function?

As there are different forms of informational medicine, a general explanation is difficult. Perhaps an analogy is most explanatory. Just like computers, human beings are controlled mainly by something one could also call software. As we know, software is the most common source of problems and malfunctions in computers. Modern medicine knows so far, however, nothing of this aspect of health and disease and believes that all diseases can be treated with substance or energy. Very generally speaking, and in analogies, there are many diseases that are today erroneously considered problems resulting from biochemical disturbances. In fact, however, these are regulatory problems that are caused by the software in the living organism. These include, for example, diseases caused by misinformation, useless information and outdated information or by lack of information. Life is based on permanent information changes and the adjustment of information. Just as we digest food and convert it and must excrete waste, we must also digest and transform information and excrete waste. If this process is interrupted at any point, the disease is the result. Informational medicine is the use of methods that settle informative disorders.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine includes all procedures that use any known form of energy for treatment or diagnosis. Modern medicine uses energy mainly for diagnostic purposes, eg. X-rays, thermometer, electroencephalograms (EEG), electrocardiograms, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

In conventional medicine energy is rarely used for the treatment, eg. As light to treat SAD or sound to remove gallstones, radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells and cold compresses. Energy forms such as electricity, magnetism and color are mainly used in complementary technologies such as the Inergetix-CoRe System.

With which diseases can energy medicine help?

We know that sickness and health are based on many factors, and in the same way chemical, energetic and informative diseases can manifest themselves in different people for very different reasons, compositions and have different cures, even if they appear similar..Therefore, it is not possible to give a list of diseases for which energy therapy is always successful. However, there are some general guidelines that indicate the diseases which respond more likely to energy treatment. These are for example diseases that are accompanied by fatigue, diseases for which no results are seen in laboratory tests, diseases with symptoms that occur and disappear suddenly and many other characteristics that serve a trained therapist as an indication that energy modalities are suitable.

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