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We will initially offer no "ready-made" tours, but will plan and carry out individual trips tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers,

You also appreciate  independence on your holiday? Then an individual tour is the perfect program: Experience the jewel island in an individual way! You yourselves set the priorities - and you decide where you might also like to stay a little longer. Enjoy the luxury of a private driver. As an option, you can book an additional guide to be kept informed competently traveling about the land, cultural and culinary possibilities. Of course, we can on request also offer hotels, book and prepare your individual dream holiday for you. The program is flexible - an ideal way to travel, especially for small groups of friends or families.

Below there isa list of some places and sights in Sri Lanka, which is to serve to give you ideas and to simplify the planning. We would be glad to advise you as well!

Adams Peak Bild 14 Asams Peak 2Bild 14 Asams Peak

Buddha is said to have left his footprint on this holy mountain on his last Sri Lanka visit. No wonder Adam's Peak has therefore become the most visited pilgrimage. In the middle of the night your ascent to the summit of Mount Pilgrim Adam's Peak begins. After about six hours, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sunrise. The pilgrimage is lit from December to May, and therefore the climb is only recommended at this time - in the months of January and February the mountain is climbed by thousands of pilgrims. You will be compensated for the long climb to the summit with exciting views.


By far the oldest royal town, founded 400 years v. Chr. and governed later during 1400 years by not less than 119 kings. Temples, palaces and Buddha shrines make the ruins a very worthwhile visit. And last but not least there is the 2300 year old Sri Maha Bodhi tree, the oldest tree on earth and subject of highest religious worship in Sri Lanka.

Bentota, Beruwela

Originally two villages on the south coast, grown together in the meantime, and became the best known and most popular resorts in the country. They offer long beaches, enchanting palm forests, world-class hotel facilities, many leisure activities and local life. 60km from Colombo.

Colombo, Mount Lavinia

Colornbo, Sri Lanka's capital and a hub for anything and everything with 1 million people (2.5 million incl. Agglomeration). In the largest city in the country the former European influence is felt at every step. These attractions are worthwhile: the old fort, the Cinnamon Gardens, Independence Square, the Kelani-TempeI, the bazaar in Petrah district, Colombo also offers the best shopping and entertainment. Mount Lavinia is a recreational area for the city's population and is 15 km south of the metropolis.

DBild Dambullah 1ambulla, Kandalama Bild Dambullah 2

The cave temple complex of Dambulla is one of the main attractions in the central part of the island. Five magnificent cave temples show at every step countless figures and wall paintings from the life of Buddha and the Singhalesenkönige. About 20 kilometers from Sigiriya the cave temple is located in a rocky cliff and spread over five caves. Around 104 BC the caves served as a refuge for King Valagama Bahu, who fled from the Indian squatters. Wonderful frescoes adorn the walls, where there are stone carvings. In the 1st century BC, the rock temple was built and a 14-meter high image of Buddha erected. From the cave entrance, the visitor has a wonderful view of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the indescribable landscape. Kandalama is located in the dense jungle and is an ideal starting point for trips to Dambulla, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa.


It is the colonial flair that makes Galle to the most interesting city of the South. Still Galle is important as a port and trading city and was able to successfully save the charm of the past up to modern times. Galle is also a popular destination. The old fort, actually the old town, you must see. The city has 100,000 inhabitants and is 115 km from Colombo.

Kalutara, Wadduwa und Waskaduwa

Three more lesser-known stretches of beach in the south, halfway between Colombo and Bentota / Beruwela. In this region the majority of the inhabitants are still fishermen and rice farmers.


Kandy 1The last royal capital of Sri Lanka, forming, together with Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura The CulturalKandy 2 Triangle. One of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka is the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, which at the same time represents one of the most important centers of Buddhism. The Temple was built  in the years 1782 until 1687 and is directly on the Kandy lake “The Sea of Milk”. The interior of the temple is decorated by a magnificent altar and a golden shrine where Buddhas tooth is kept. Every year a ten day festival is celebrated in honor of Buddha, where the tooth is carried through the streets. Have a look at the exciting market, the botanical garden or the gemstone whetting factory and take the trip to the picturesque lake. 150,000 people live in Kandy. (Entry fee the Temple of the Tooth for adult europeans as of January 2017 LKR 2’000).

MadhuMadhu 2

Madhu 1Our Lady of Madhu is Sri Lanka’s holiest Catholic shrine. The story of Our Lady of Madhu begins in the second half of the 17th century. The statue of Our Lady of Good Counsel, was moved from Mantai — on the Jaffna peninsula — to Madhu. The move was ostensibly to protect the image from the colonial Dutch, who had closed churches and banned priests. Saint Joseph Vaz, an Oratorian priest from Goa, also came to the area during this period and took refuge at Madhu.

The shrine had been established for almost two centuries, when a large church was built in 1872, along with a grotto and presbytery for priests. Madhu Shrine received papal recognition when Pius XI gave permission for a solemn canonical “coronation” of Our Lady of Madhu, which was accomplished in 1924, with the church being formally consecrated in 1944. Madhu 3

Madhu 4During the Sri Lankan civil war (1983-2009), Madhu Shrine was a neutral area for refugees. Its status as a safe space, however, did not protect refugees from being shelled in during what came to be known as “The Madhu Church massacre.” Also during this period, a claymore mine was also detonated under a school bus in the area, killing 16 adults and children. Our Lady of Madhu was brought out three times for a “penitential pilgrimage” throughout Sri Lanka to end the war. When the Sri Lankan government moved to exert authority over the area, the statue of Our Lady of Madhu was moved into rebel-held areas for safe keeping before finally being returned.



Has grown in just a few years, from the charming fishing town to one of the most important tourist towns of Sri Lanka with some fine hotels and good infrastructure and the long palm beach. there There are still fishing boats and a sympathetic small town life, and is optimally positioned being just 10 km north of Colombo Airport. This provides pleasantly short transfer times.

Nuwara Eliya

Thanks to the favorable climate, the whole region is ideal for tea cultivation. The magnificent setting of this former English spa is unique: on comfortable 1800 m and surrounded by tea plantations. The journey to the plateau Horton Plains is just one hour from Nuwara Eliya.


Growing bathing resort on the still largely unspoilt east coast of Sri Lanka with beautiful, long sandy beaches. Outside the hotels still virtually no infrastructure exists. But one is absolutely right here if you want to relax and enjoy a quiet beach holiday.

Pinnawela Pinnawela 1Pinnawela 2

In Pinnawela there is an elephant orphanage, an interesting experience. You see the elephants at work, observe the feeding of the little giants and accompany them for their daily bath in the river. (Entry fee for adult europeans as of June 2016 LKR 2’500).




Sinhala royal city and capital of the Ceylonese Middle Ages. Interesting are the many well-preserved buildings from the heyday in the 12th century as well as the temple district Gal Vihare with 4 Buddha statues, carved from a single piece of granite.

Sigiriya Bild-3 SigiriyaBild-3 Sigiriya 2


The 185 m high rock became residence and refuge of King Kassapa and is famous for its interior with the frescoes with the “Cloud Maidens”. Incidentally, a UNESCO World Heritage. After a rather tough climb to the top one is rewarded with spectacular views over dense jungle scenery which are quite unique.


This town in the northeast with 100,000 inhabitants is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The Tourist region is only slightly opened up, it offers culture and nature à discretion and beaches, which are considered the most beautiful in Sri Lanka. Here divers and snorkelers will find the best areas in the country.

Yala- Nationalpark

Nature dominates the south of Sri Lanka and this is also where one finds the Yala National Park, the largest and most famous nature reserve of the country. When you visit you might see elephants, leopards, crocodiles and deer - that's not uncommon. Big cities are missing in the south, which is why this region is on the rise especially for nature lovers.

Yala 1Yala 2Yala 5Yala 4

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