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Saturday, 12. März 2016 - 5th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear  friends

Yesterday was a Super Day! Rochain, Nilmellis youngest was ready to go at 5 am. He thought we were going to Madhu in the far north - we were there last July - and would then need to really leave so early.

I had not looked closer at the foundation stone, which I mentioned and showed last time. Only later I saw the content. Pictures of various saints, vials of holy water and oil and herbs.


The evening before Rochain and Hiruscha stirred the cake mixture.


But let the pictures - together with a few explanations - talk for themselves.

The car is packed. Then we all boarded - grandmother ahead - and Asanka is ready for departure.





The following people came with us: Sumith and Nilmelli with their three children Hiruscha, Tarussi and Rochain. Then Nilmellis sister, the grandmother and Asankas sister Nadeesha with Noah. We made a short stop at a fruit / vegetable stand. Unfortunately all Kingcoconuts were already sold.


When we arrived in Kalpitiya, Kalinga, his father and the workers were already taking out the ground. The worker cleaned up the place a little and was subsequently ready for cement mixing. Kalinga helps the grandmother (who by the way was thrilled that I wore a sarong) and Noah had great joy.






Now shortly after 1 pm the groundbreaking took place. I first I, then Asanka and thereafter Kalinga and his father.







Then followed the preparations for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Fire was lit and a special vessel with coconut milk set on it. The milk has to boil. The more it uniformly runs at boiling over the edges, the greater the happiness. And that it did - over the whole rim! Frankincense was also used to bless the foundation stone. The worker dug a small hole, then mixed cement and then brought it to us. Then we started. At first I did put in cement, then the foundation stone and its contents, and then again cement. Then one after the other Asanka, Kalinga, Sumith and Kalingas father put cement on it. Then a moment of qquietness and reflection.




















Then we went to the picknick table and afterwards had a bit of relaxation before the journey home. Abundant and good Especially the cake!









Before the ceremony, the poster that we put there last July, had suffered from the weather it seemed. Afterwards it seemed to freshen up. We are moving ahead!


The next newsletter will be coming from Switzerland again.

Until then, best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well

Thursday, 10. März 2016 - 4th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear Friends

Again very briefly from Negombo.

On the way home from Hiniduma we first said goodbye to Kalingas parents and thanked them for their hospitality.


In Negombo we passed by briefly at a building materials company. They make various things for construction companies eg wheelbarrows, cement bricks etc.


Yesterday Asaka and I ccoked Pasta Bolognese "à la Sri Lanka" for all - with plenty of onions, garlic, pepper and chili. It was very highly praised - Sumith ate two big plates of it - and from a kilogram of pasta only a handful was left over.

Evening relaxation is also a must!


Tomorrow Friday will be a historic day! My stepdaughter is continuing to be difficult and tries with all means to create difficulties and create delays. But thanks to the generous help of a dear lady friend we can finally start with the project. I am very, very grateful to all those who are helping us!

Tomorrow the groundbreaking ceremony and the laying of the foundation stone for the water tank construction in Kalpitiya will take place! The date (Friday, March 11, 2016, between 1 pm and 2 pm) was indeed established by the local calculations, but was fully confirmed by my radionics system. Almost scary!

We are renting a minibus, so we can all go together. Asanka, I, Kalinga and his father + two workers are in any case there. Then probably Sumith and Nimelli, their son Hiroshu, their daughter Tanussi, Dumith and Arungade and possibly others will be coming with us. Washigton, the broker and his assistant Ruwan and the former land owner Sunhar will also join us.

There will be quite a ritual according to local custom. The exact details I do not know. I will let myself be surprised. Anyway, today we picked up this morning the blessed foundation stone at the church.


Today it seems to me very hot but we have since about 9 am a power failure, which usually lasts until about 5 pm.

If I find the time, there will be a further newsletter from Sri Lanka.

Until then, best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga

Sunday, 6. März 2016 - 3rd Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time it was somehow an exhausting journey and finally I landed at 02:40 am Thursday, March 3 in Colombo. Asanka and Kilanga picked me up at the airport and we drove to Nimelli and Sumith. Asanka and Nimelli had really done their best to make everything as homey as possible in the room and both offered their help all the time. I feel very comfortable there, even though it is currently is 34 ° C in Negombo during the day and 28 ° C at night.On the first day we did a few small things. I got to know Kalinga's parents, we did a few errands and in the evening we were at Shantha Niriella, our lawyer. Now we have the document confirming that the land in Kalpitiya belongs to Carla's Heritage (Pvt) Ltd..

On Friday afternoon we drove to Hiniduma - a pilgrimage place on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Kalinga's family have been going there for years and have invited us to join them. They always rent a house with friends. Asanka and I only had to look for a hotel room. We ate at Kalinga's parent's place.

On one hand there is "The Way of the Cross", which takes in various shrines - but all uphill! (Recently, - it does not work quite right - is a film documentation in YouTube - Then there is the church in the village. We got up on Saturday morning at 6 am and went up with one of the first groups. In the afternoon it would have been too hot. It was amazingly impressive how so many of the faithful of all ages climbed in the heat to be able to pray and sing and carried crosses with them. In the afternoon we went to a nearby river to cool down which was very welcome. Below are a few visual impressions.

Pictures of Negombo in the order:

Morning coffee in the garden

Asanka his Goddaughter Mary and David with Nadeesha's son Noah




Pictures of Hiniduma in the order:

Uphill walk
Cross at the top of the mountain
Lighting candles
Asanka and Kaliga on the bridge
By the river









Today Sunday morning we are going to the church in the village and in the afternoon we drove back to Negombo. Tomorrow Monday we have a meeting with our lawyer and on Tuesday we are going to Kalpitiya!

If I find the time, there will be a further newsletter from Sri Lanka.

Until then, best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga

Saturday, 28. February 2016 - Second Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Just a short message before I fly again to Sri Lanka on Wednesday.

Asanka flew back on 15 February to Sri Lanka. With almost exactly 40 kg of luggage (he came with about 10 Kg!) - And he also had about 6 Kg more himself! Kalinga, our general contractor, picked him at 3 o'clock in the morning at the airport. He stayed the first few days at a guesthouse. During this time he searched for a house to rent. As we had agreed. He found one, but it was firstly somewhat over the budget we had agreed on and secondly the owner wanted 6 months' rent in advance. And we hope hard that we can begin much earlier than in six months with the building. Once the water tank construction is finished, Asanka can live on the first floor in the room, which is provided as a rest room for the security staff. The room also has a sink and a toilet. I too will initially stay there when I'm in Kalpitiya.

Finally, we have now accepted the offer of his aunt and uncle Nilmelli and Sumith and he can have a room with them. I will also live there when I am in Sri Lanka. There are simple conditions but I can live with it. It is clean and electricity, water, toilet and shower are also available. Today Asanka and Kalinga have cleaned the room and made it as nice as possible. Asanka even has organized a workplace for me - a dressing table - where I can work with my laptop. I just do not know where I am going to put knees but I don't think I will be working so much during that short time. A fan and a fridge, he has also arranged. His uncle made a contribution towards the cost of the refrigerator.










As I wrote in the last newsletter, we rented on Wednesday 10 February a small truck and picked up the things from the practice, which I will be taking to Sri Lanka, at the practice and brought them home. They are now in a corner of the garage, waiting to be shipped. With the exception of  the filing cabinet and cosmetics chair Asanka loaded everything alone. He wanted it that way and during that time I cleaned the kitchen in the practice. The rest we only to sweep through since the landlord will be doing some renovation work. As we already had a truck with a lift, after we had unloaded we put in the garden furniture, the barbecue and the washing machine, which broke down at the end of June last year, shortly before my first trip to Sri Lanka, and brought everything to the disposal. The evening before we had with great difficulty managed to take the washing machine from the basement to the front door. This was very hard work. We were both very tired on Wednesday evening!

A week before Asanka went, we invited Markus and Sabina to dinner. It was a really nice evening. On the Saturday before he went they retaliated by inviting us to "Schnuggebock" (Waldegg Teufen - For those who do not know it, iI quote from their home page: "Cautiously we put the time back Hearty fare No Schickimicki, nothing from the other end of the world local apples instead of exotic oranges here at Grosi in farmhouse everything goes a.... Tick slower. Suddenly from the next table:..... fragments of words in an unknown language is it Japanese, Russian, English guests from everywhere, the same Find the genuine, unadulterated Thus the Schnuggebock unique worldwide the best of yesterday "... Also a nice evening with good company riddled with dinner in the stables (power failure, lightning and thunder), Appenzeller jokes and "Hackbrett" playing!

Here are some pictures of the last days. With us:


and in "Schnuggebock":





In his last days here, we have further cleared and even started to pack things. The basement has become even emptier! I am very grateful to him for all his help!

If I find time, the next newsletter comes from Sri Lanka. Otherwise from Switzerland after my return.

Best regards and until next time


Friday 5. Februar 2016 - First Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

How the time flies! It is more than a month since I sent the last newsletter.

And a lot has happened!

Asanka has settled in well, but is looking forward to flying back to Sri Lanka. He flies on 15 February to Colombo. He has been a great help. It's amazing what accumulates in a house in the course of almost 40 years! This is the disadvantage, if one has a large basement and a large attic. Asanka said we had enough Christmas decorations for the entire village! This - more than three carfulls - we brought to the Salvation Army secondhand shop which gladly accepted it all. However, the man there said at the end they had now already in January enough decorations for the next Christmas. But now the attic is empty except for a very few things and the basement also.

The practice we have already cleared and what we are taking with us is already packed. Originally, a lady colleague in the Rhine Valley had agreed to take over the practice space. She even had asked the owner to send her the leasing agreement to sign. But because they wanted certain modifications, the landlord first got offers and we all met again in the practice to discuss this. Shortly after the meeting, I received her email "definitive refusal". She had decided differently! Not very nice and she did not even have the decency to communicate this to the owner personally. I had to tell him. He has, however, been very understanding and agreed with a notice at the end of February. I am also helping him and we will move out by 15 February. Thus, if he could even rent on March 1, he would have enough time for the necessary renovations. Also in return, I told him that I would like to give him the furniture, if he could rent the premises as a practice again. Now I'm ready but he has not found a tenant yet. So he does not know yet whether he will rent the premises again as a practice or as an apartment. But we have agreed that I leave the furnishings there nevertheless for the case that it can be rented out again as a practice. But if he rents it as an apartment he will be take over the disposal. That way we do not have to get rid of everything, for which I am very grateful to him. Next Wednesday we will pick up our things and end of the week hand over the premises.

Last Saturday I finally got the heredity certificate. There was some delay because two of the persons mentioned in the will have moved and the current addresses had to be found out. On last Monday I inquired at the local government notary office and was told that the heredity certificate would on Tuesday be with my lawyer L.R.R. . I therefore expected that my copy would be in my mailbox on Wednesday. But I had to contact my lawyer everyday before I finally received my copy on Saturday.

My bank promised me in June that as soon as I was in full possession of the property, a temporary short-term credit would be possible, so that we could start in Sri Lanka with the building. They have now changed their minds. I must first sell the property. But this is only possible after rewriting the Land Registry registration. It has to be 100% mine before I can sell. This past Sunday as a precaution I wrote my lawyer that I assumed that he had sent a copy of the heredity certificate to the Land Registry as well but that if this was not the case, he should do so immediately. On Monday I asked the Land Registry office but the competent employee was on vacation until the other Tuesday, the boss is also not there this week and the heredity certificate had not yet arrived. But thanks to my cautionary letter they received the heredity certificate on Tuesday. So next week they can start with the matter.

After the surprising cancellation of the Bank and the delay at the land registry, we had to change some timing in our plans. Kalinga, the general contractor has thankfully shown great understanding of the situation - I explained it - and the planned start of construction is now displaced. But we were still busy and have already made some clarifications and also taken decisions. Among other things, I have now made plans for the overall project, so that one really has the overview. Below you can see how the finished project should look like.


Offers for the move are already with us. We had to realise that it is very tight with a 20 foot container. So probably we'll take a 40 foot container. So then I could als take with me the things that had a "question mark". The plan was to move in the middle of April. But also here we had to now revise the schedule. At the moment a date has not been set.

The security monitoring systems (unfortunately necessary in Sri Lanka) are already waiting here. Delivered through Amazon from China.  Amazing what can be done with today's technology. Over Internet with appropriate access using a computer, tablet or smartphone one can check all over the world any of the 20 cameras when everything is installed.

Originally I had planned to fly together with Asanka to Sri Lanka. He must indeed leave Switzerland by  February15 because then his visa expires. There are certain things that need to be completed or clarified. Because of the delays that have been mainly caused by my lawyer with the land registry I had to change my plans as my presence here is necessary. So I have this week changed my scheduled flight and fly now on 2 March to Sri Lanka and then stay until 15 March. The next planned trip is on April 20.

A few pictures of the past few weeks:

       20160129_220857     20160126_164349


20160126_164915         20160115_164601

DSCI1399        DSCI1385

As you can see the preparations are going on despite obstacles. Problems are there to be solved. "Somehow it always works out", as Carla always said.

Best regards and until next time

David with Asanka

Sunday, 27. December 2015 - 2nd Christmas Greetings from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear Friends

The Christmas holidays are now over but we have enjoyed it very much!Mail-Dez2-02




Asanka was happy to pose with our car on Christmas Eve before we left for an invitation to dinner from Gabi and Heinrich Thorbecke in their SPA & private clinic - Oberwaid. On the way we went to a nursing home in St. Gallen to visit acquaintances to bring small gifts and Christmas greetings. The dinner was of excellent quality and we both found it very tasty. Gabi and Heinrich again many thanks for the invitation!





 Asanka's smile and his warmth charms all - also Gabi as you can see! Many of those present have promised to visit us in Sri Lanka!




On Christmas Day we were invited by my sister-in-law Doris in Baar along with her partner Sepp, my brother-in-law Ruedi and her son Andy. Again great food and good company. Again, Asanka's smile and his kindness led to a warm welcome that we both appreciated.




He wanted to pose next to the Christmas tree.



We took over the Christmas holidays a little break with the clearing out and preparing but now it goes on! Amazing what all accumulates in 40 years! But Asanka has put on a little weight in his time here and the work will do him good.

We have however still been in contact over the holidays with Asanka's friend the contractor Kalinga. I have been researching solar hot water systems, and it occurred to me, that with the sun terrace instead of a normal roof at the guesthouse / therapy center there might be space problems in this respect. But Kalinga had already given it all some thought and had already found solutions, including that the water tank construction should be slightly higher than originally planned, so that the necessary pressure is there. So it's going forwards step by step!

We wish everyone continuing festive holidays, a happy new year and all love and all the best in the new year and send greetings

David with Asanka

Sunday, 20. December 2015 - Christmas Greetings from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A short update for Christmas.

Mail-Dez1-AAsanka has settled in well and is a great help - in deeds, assistance, future planning and morally. The house is no longer quite so empty!

Initially, he had great difficulty with the cold but is now well acclimatized. Already on the first morning he had to go the window and photograph himself with snow in the background!

Already 3 days after his arrival 3 m3 firewood were delivered, which had to be piled up. Thanks to him we were done quickly but then frozen through accordingly. Very warming were the gin and tonics then but we had deserved them.



On Saturday afternoon we mounted the Christmas decorations on the house - but also in the freezing cold! We both had to do take a break in between to warm ourselves up and especially to thaw our hands.



On Sunday we had invited a few friends over for coffee. The excuse was that both Asanka as I wanted to celebrate our birthdays (it was a little late) and so it was not just coffee and cake. It really was a lovely afternoon and Asanka was very happy to meet my friends.



He was very happy also about the many gifts he received - and I too!




He clearly is in between a little homesick but thanks to Skype he can talk in his own language with friends back home. We enjoy a mixed diet. Times there is Curry (Sri Lankan style of course), sometimes Devilled Prawns with a lot of Chili but there were also times with swiss cheese / sausage salad and twice raclette, which - as you can see - he likes very much.


Zwischenablage01Zwischenablage02Negotiations in Sri Lanka have received new wind. Asanka remembered that the father of a schoolmate has a construction company. Already offers have arrived and new ideas also. Originally we had planned to buy two container houses (a living and sleeping container) for us at the construction site during the construction period. Later we wanted to use them for staff accommodation. Now a third simple house is planned first for us and later for employees. It comes - all in all - not much more expensive and includes kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms and an extra large 27 m2 garage and storage facilities.  The estimated construction period is about 3 months, maybe less if the weather participates. This solves at the same time a different problem. Now I have storage space on the spot for everything I will be moving to Sri Lanka until the main house is finished. The construction period is expected to be about 10 months for the main house and for the guesthouse / therapy center 12 months but all three houses will be started simultaneously. When I was in Sri Zwischenablage03Lanka the last time, I had another idea. Instead of a normal roof for the guesthouse / therapy center, a large sun terrace is now planned with deck chairs, umbrellas and possibly a small bar. From there early in the morning one will be able to experience the magnificent sunrise over the lagoon.

The only negative thing currently is settling Carla's testament. Until everything is settled, I'm blocked. Our lawyer here in St. Gallen is working extremely slowly and every time I ask, I get the simple answer "working on it"! We hope nevertheless that at the beginning of 2016 we can start with the building. If everything proceeds well, we will then celebrate the next Christmas season in Kalpitiya!

But this time we enjoy the Christmas holidays here in Switzerland with friends (it hails invitations) even if it looks like we all have to do without a white Christmas.

We wish you all beautiful, contemplative, joyous Christmas celebrations and send greetings

David with Asanka

Thursday, 26th October 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 6 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Great news! Since we were not sure if it would succeed, we have not mentioned it until now..Mail-A

As Carla was particularly bad and I would urgently have needed help, we tried to bring Asanka to Switzerland because he felt a need to help us. At that time we did not succeed. The authorities were simply too stubborn. This time, however, it has worked. It was an odyssey! Attempting to obtain a visa in Dubai failed. In Colombo however it worked out after a few efforts and hurdles! Last Friday at 08:45 o'clock he received his visa. Then it went fast. By 10 clock flights were booked or rebooked, transport organized and my hotel in Dubai booked.

I flew to Abu Dhabi last Sunday evening via Berlin. In Abu Dhabi Gayantha (another friend) picked me up with a rental car at the airport and we went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. There where I scattered the greater part of Carla's ashes in August 2014. It was my great wish. I was again so close to her!

Mail-1Afterwards we went to Qatar Airways Office in Abu Dhabi, where I had to rule something. Then we drove to the Marina Mall shopping center, to change money and to make a few errands. New is that it has a Ferris wheel in the parking lot! Enormous! Then we made a short trip to the Hilton Hotel where Carla and I were so many times to greet a few people. Then we drove went to Dubai.

There I checked into the Hilton Double Tree and in the evening I wanted to check in online for the flight the next morning. It was a shock that I had to realise after several consultations with Qatar Airways that my flight which I on Friday previously rebooked from 1st December to 24th November, had not been rebooked but canceled! It took a full two hours to make to all inquiries and rule everything but in the end I got my flights. Of course I was very nervous! And time for some sleep hardly remained!


At 23:00 in the evening Swiss time I got up and was at 00:20 at the airport. I was then offered a flight which was an hour earlier, which I tool, so I had plenty of time to change planes in Doha..DSCI1311



In Doha at the departure gate we met up. Asanka had flown early in the morning (23:30) flown from Colombo.







  Now it's off to Switzerland!





Is that really ice and snow?
(He saw this for the first time in his life!)





   Finally in Zurich!






This time all the luggage arrived!








   And Beatrice picked us up at the airport!


Now he must acclimatize first. Is all very new for him - especially the cold. In the passage from the aircraft to the airport (finger dock) he said they had set the air conditioning pretty cool! But it was only when we went outside that he really realized the situation!

I'm glad it finally worked. He will be a big help to me here with clearing out etc. and together we can forge the future plans more in detail, make decisions and begin to organize everything in Sri Lanka!

See you soon again and greetings from Asanka



Friday, 25th September 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 2 September 2015 from Dubai

Dear friends

Today the second and last newsletter about the Sri Lanka-developments of our September trip. Again a little late, as we were traveling a lot in the last few days in Sri Lanka, meetings etc. Last Friday - a week ago today - we had a conversation with another general contractor, Hybrid Homes, which has a very interesting contstruction methodSonnenuntergang-NegomboSunhar-Shanta-David-2

A big step has been taken! Last Monday was when at our lawyer’s Shantha Niriella the final payment was made to Sunhar, the former land owner.

On Tuesday morning has Dumith and I went to Colombo and we again met up with a representative of Hybrid Homes and looked at a sample house. It was very convincing. More another time. On the way back to Negombo we were at a bank branch manager in Colombo, Jovan Fernando to set up Internet banking and in the evening again briefly at Shanta Niriella’s office to collect papers that have to be signed in Dubai by Asanka. Yesterday and today the post office was closed (Eid festival) but Asanka will then send them by registered post to Shanta Niriella tomorrow. This is to register the new composition of our Board of Directors after Indika has been removed and, which must be registered.

I flew last Wednesday night to Dubai. The flight was almost an hour late and it took a long time until the luggage arrived. After that I went to the hotel and picked up Asanka on the way there. It was almost midnight when we arrived and of course I had to tell Asanka in detail about my time in Sri Lanka. So it was quite late. Asanka had early shift on Thursday - he had to leave shortly after 6 clock - but was back by 3 pm again here as not much was going on at his hotel due to the Eid festival. Today he managed to get late shift (1 pm until 10 pm), so that we still had time this morning to discuss some things

In three hours my transportation comes to take me to Abu Dhabi. I fly at 02:30 am and arrive at 7 am in Berlin. Unfortunately this time the connection is poor and I have to spend more than five hours at the airport before my flight to Zurich goes.

Will write soon again - next time from Switzerland - and best regards


Friday, 18th September 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 1 September 2015 from Sri Lanka

Dear friends

Today the first newsletter about the Sri Lankan developments of our September trip. With a little delay because we were almost always on the road, had meetings, etc.

I flew off punctually in Zurich and also landed on time in Abu Dhabi after the stopover in Berlin. This time it was however one of my two suitcases, which was missing. However, we had just filled out the necessary papers for lost luggage and the suitcase appeared.

I also arrived well in Dubai and the first two days Asanka was off duty and I really enjoyed this and used used it to discuss a lot. On the first day in the evening Gayantha came to join us, another friend, whom I know well already for 14 years to Dubai and it was a beautiful evening.

Unfortunately, the flight from Dubai to Colombo had a little delay, so that Angelika had to wait a while for me. But the coming together worked out. Dumith, Asankas cousin picked us up at the airport. But since it was only in the morning at 6:30 and we were not ableto check in at the hotel, because it was fully booked (Dumith had asked), but we could move into the room until the afternoon. We therefore drove to Asankas aunt. There we were warmly welcomed and hosted by the whole family. Finally, we could then take the hotel room. Although the hotel is simple but it is clean and the staff extremely friendly. We first rested for a little! Last Monday night we did two appointments  - bank managers and our lawyer.

On Tuesday morning we drove off early at 6 clock in Negombo to Kalpitiya. Dumith had organized a rental car and a driver, a friend of his Suresh. We then met the broker Washington with his assistant Ruwan and had some discussions. Then we moved into the hotel and rested a little. Later we had a meeting to discuss the fence on the two inner sides of the land. On the third inner side there already is a fence. We had already looked at the concrete posts etc. and inquired about the prices. A retired fischerman will take over the work. Quite a great person! Dumith went back in the evening with the bus to Negombo, because he had to work the next day.

On Wednesday we met with people from a general contractor in Colombo who came to Kalpitiya to look at the property and to discuss some things. It was a long session! Now we expect a revised offer, because the first was clearly too high! Later in the afternoon Anoushka joined us, the architect who had created the plans for the building permit application, together with Washington and Ruwan. We then invited them in the evening to dinner.

On Thursday morning Dumith came back and we did a few things. In the afternoon we drove back to Negombo and have took the same hotel.. This afternoon at 4 pm, there is a meeting with another general contractor and Douglas (Asankas father) will also pass byt.

So, that's it for now!

Will write soon again and best regards


Monday, September 7th 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 5 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Today the fifth newsletter on the Sri Lankan developments and again from Switzerland -  shortly before my departure.

II have put together a little information and pictures about Kalpitiya in the last few days so you can get a better picture of it.

There are now on the homepage under

Write you soon again - pretty sure the next time from Dubai or Sri Lanka - and best regards


Friday, August 28th 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 4 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Today the fourth newsletter on the Sri Lanka developments from Switzerland. This time, all good news.

Last Tuesday I shortly decided to again travel to Sri Lanka. On one hand, there are things to do there, which you can do best on the spot. Add to this that my dear colleague and friend from Germany Angelika has been "infected" about my moving to Sri Lanka and would like to get an idea of ​the buiding site in Kalpitiya and the project.

I fly on Tuesday, September 8th in the  evening to Abu Dhabi, get there on Wednesday morning and then stay until the evening of September 11 in Dubai. Asanka and I also have to discuss and plan. But he can not go on holiday at the time, which is why I then fly alone to Colombo. I'll be there on Saturday, September 12 at 5 clock in the morning and Angelika, flying from Frankfurt at 04:50! Good timing, right ?!

This time Dumith Atapattu, a cousin of Asanka, will be helping use. I got to know him last time. It has been very helpful to us already.

There is still a lot to do, for example, with our lawyer Niriella in Negombo, including the final payment for the land and the registration change of the company due to the departure of Indika. We will meet up with the broker Washington in Kalpitiya, where we are planning to spend three days and initiate the building permit process. Then I got in contact in the last few days with some general buiding contractors and will have to clarify some issues. One sees holidays it will not be!

On Wednesday 23 of September early in the  morning Angelika flies back to Frankfurt and I on the same evening to Dubai. There I spend two days and hope for a bit of relaxation. On Saturday 26th of September early in the morning I fly back from Abu Dhabi and land in the early afternoon in Zurich.

Write you soon again - probably next time from Sri Lanka - and best regards



Tuesday, August 18th 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 3 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Today the third newsletter from Switzerland about the Sri Lanka developments. Good and not so good news,

The good news. The architect Anushka, who had been commissioned to prepare the plans (according to our designs) that are necessary for the building permit application, has finished his work! One can look at them at the bottom of the page if one wants to. Many thanks Anushka for the great work!

The less good news is that Maithree Indika Perera Daluwattage is no longer with us. He is unfortunately no longer bearable neither as director nor as the new company secretary of Carla's Heritage Private Limited. He has abused our trust. Nevertheless, we are very grateful for the assistance he has given us.

See you soon again and best regards


Sunday, August 9th 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 2 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Today is the second newsletter from Switzerland about the Sri Lankan developments. But very short.

In order to show you the position of the land a little better I have uploaded a short film. You will find the link at the bottom of the first page.

See you soon again and best regards


Wednesday, August 5th 2015 - Carla's Heritage Private Limited, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka - Newsletter 1 from Switzerland

Dear friends

Today is the first newsletter from Switzerland.about the Sri Lankan developments

We already had vague ideas about a second project that we wanted to implement later. But after we have already received three specific requests, we have already brought forward the realization - Carla's Heritage Estate Assistance is already born!

On our new website you can read everything - And this will be regularly updated.

See you soon again and best regards


Sri Lanka Trip July 2015

After the "Project" .- as it was originally called - was born and after many preparations David Snoad traveled to Sri Lanka on June 29th, 2015. The day before  Indika already flew from Dubai - where he still works - to Colombo to take over the rental car and the rented house. David  landed  in the morning for a stopover in Muscat on 30th June at 7 clock. Asanka, who is also still working in Dubai  landed at 8 clock in Muscat and then flew together with David to Colombo. Indika with Asanka's father Douglas picked them up at the airport and then they drove to the rented house. Both Indika as well as Asanka have taken vacation to help David in the realization of his project. David had no illusions about the possible difficulties in a foreign country, however, he had as always a positive approach, mainly because he was determined to realize this project, which is dedicated to his late wife Carla. The aim of the trip was to find land and buy it.

We have put below the chronological description of the stay, which lasted until Monday, July 27th in the form of emails which David sent to his closest friends and acquaintances. It starts from the bottom upwards.

Sunday, Juli 26th 2015 - Newsletter 10 from Sri Lanka








Dear friends

Today is the last newsletter from Sri Lanka - for the time being! This trip has been completed and that successful! I am grateful to all my friends here very, very grateful!

Today we were again in Kalpitiya. We have brought the broker papers that we were unable to complete before the company registration. This he needed for the construction license application.

Then we did the highlight of our journey. The pictures tell everything! Carla was very happy. I know it!

On our new website you can read everything - . And this will be actualised.regularly.

See you soon and warm regards


Saturday, Juli 25th 2015 - Newsletter 9 from Sri LankaMail-Firmenregistration-3_25-07-15

Mail-Firmenregistration-1_25-07-15Dear friends

Another hurdle successfully taken!

The registration of the company "Carla's Heritage (Pvt) Ltd." has now been officiallised!

The document we have already framed. We have received 2 stamps and a punching device with an official stamp. This is common here and included in the attorneys' fees. The lawyer was initially quite reserved. Today we are almost friends! He is really happy for and together with us.

Tomorrow the company bank account should be able to be opened and then we go to Kalpitiya, to make the mentioned "highlight"of the trip

So more tomorrow!

Mail-Firmenregistration-2_25-07-15Warm regards








Thursday, Juli 23rd 2015  - Newsletter 8 from Sri LankaVertragsunterzeichnung_21-07-15-3

Dear friendsMail_23-07-15_Kalpitiya-1

Last Friday after a long drive - traffic jams in Colombo - we arrived in the evening in Unawatuna, took our rooms at the hotel (quite OK) and then met Zulejka who had invited us all to dinner. She was very happy to see us again.

On Saturday late morning we drove back to Negombo. On Sunday morning we brought Zulejka in time for the flight. Later we went to our lawyer, had to sign various papers relating to the company's foundation and then drove together with the lawyer to Kalpitiya. In Kalpitiya we had lunch and then went to the land where we met the brokers, the previous owner, the tenant of the shed and the official surveyor. The property was staked and the surveyor Vertragsunterzeichnung_21-07-15-4promised to mail the official survey to our lawyer the next day. Our lawyer, who saw the property for the first time, was thrilled. He Mail_23-07-15_Kalpitiya-2repeatedly said that one can buy much but such a view - over the lagoon and to the National Park on the other side - the sun, the palm trees all around, and the refreshing wind you could not buy.

Last Tuesday was a historical day. In the late afternoon the broker, who previous owner, the tenant of the shed and a few others came from Kalpitiya to our place. In the evening we all went to our lawyer. Then we signed the purchase contract and I paid the deposit. After that, we - I, Asanka, Indika and his brother Dammika - celebrated the occasion at a restaurant.. Mission accomplished, aim of the trip achieved .Vertragsunterzeichnung_21-07-15-5

Yesterday we went to Kurunegala. There Asanka and Indika spoke with authorities about the official appraised value of the property. It is important that this is kept as low as possible, because Vertragsunterzeichnung_21-07-15-1the legal costs depend on it. But we have found a way and Indika's brother Dammika will settle this finally after we have left. Before it will not be possible. We also visited the giant Buddha statue there.

Today was a day of rest for me in a sense. Asanka and Indika went early in the morning to a wedding, I got a little rested and then did a litte office work. I'm going to set up a new website and new e-mail accounts - this mail is already from a new email address. Everything is connected to the new Company name. Our lawyer said at first that the company name "Carla's Heritage Health Center (Pvt) Ltd," was too long and would not bMail_23-07-15_Kurunegala-1e possible. We then proposed "CHHC (Pvt) Ltd." but he has now told us the good news that he had succeeded to register "Carla's Heritage (Pvt) Ltd". I am of course very happy about this. Tomorrow everything Vertragsunterzeichnung_21-07-15-2should be finished. At noon today I went to the Jet Wing Beach Hotel and relaxed a bit on the beach. At approximately 5 pm there was a fairly heavy shower for a change. But it was not cold! Tonight there is spaghetti. I have made a sauce from freshMail_23-07-15_Kurunegala-2 tomatoes (kilo CHF 1.00), which really taste like tomatoes, onions and garlic. Now I'm just waiting until the others return. They have briefly driven into town. But here one always eats very late.

Tomorrow we have to do a few things and on Saturday it's back to Kalpitiya. The broker has arranged for some stakes to be placed on the ground to mark the site. We have to check this and so something else important, as a last highlight of the trip. More about that later.

Until next time and warm regards



Friday, Juli 17th 2015  - Newsletter 7 from Sri Lanka

Dear friendsMail_17-07-15_Grossfamlile am StrandMail_17-07-15_bei der Tante

Here are a few pictures of the birthday celebration of one of the children - the links within the relationship are to me still quite a mystery. We started at Asanka's auntie, then we went in the evening to the beach and finally to us.

In recent days we had a lot to do but it all moves forwards. Again to the lawyer for the registration of the company , which if all goes well should be finished by the 22nd, then to a general contractor, roofing tile factory visits to look at the range, furniture store visited, visited lamp shop and much more. Last night an acquaintance of Indika was with us. He is manager of one of the major local banks and is helping us to set up a corporate account. He in turn has connections to another general contractor!

Mail_17-07-15_Geburtstagstorte am StrandToday we drive to Ambulagoda and then to Unawatuna (both near Galle) where Zulejka spent a couple of days. We'll see her hopefully in the evening and on Saturday we will bring her back with us to Negombo. Indika's wifeMail_17-07-15_Grossmutter auch dabei Ajini and the two children Melan and Netussi are coming with us. For all of them a nice trip. We will all stay at a simple guesthouse of which there are indeed many. Certainly not the Ritz standard but also an experience.

On Saturday it’s Netussi's birthday. The cake is already ordered!

On Sunday morning we will bring Zulejka to the airport. At 10:30 we pick up our lawyer and go to Kalpitiya to meet together with the brokers and the surveyor. The plot will then be officially measured. Through the brokers we have Mail_17-07-15_Grossbetrieb am Strandalready commissioned a blueprint of the house plans to be prepared by an architect, so that we can apply for the building permit. This should actually be issued within a few days - thanks to a cousin of Asanka, who works at theMail_17-07-15_Picnic Vorbereitungen Ministry and has good connections with the necessary people in Kalpitiya.

On Monday we have to go back to an office, to get the official estimate of the property made. The legal fees for the lawyer depend on it. Indika and Asanka will go alone without me. Then the estimate is lower (with a little help). They will manage it I’m sure.


Again an acquaintance! On Tuesday someone comes to make a cost estimate for the pool.

As you can see - a full program.

Until next time and warm regards


Sunday, Juli 12th 2015   - Newsletter 6 from Sri LankaMail-Colombo-3_11-07-15

Dear friendsMail-Colombo-2_11-07-15

The day before yesterday we preferred to rest a bit. I went along with Zulejka to the beach at the Jet Wing Beach Hotel. But the sea is still very rough. But in the pool you could swim well. In the evening we are eating Sri Lankan style. An ex-girlfriend and classmate of Indika has cooked for us.

Yesterday we brought Zuejka to Colombo tot acquaintances from Switzerland. Colombo is a mix of ancient and modern like the new Exhibition Centre. Today she goes to the south for a few days so that she can swim in the sea. She loves that. But the last evening she will again spend with us before her journey home the following Sunday.20150710_141741

On the way to Colombo we passed by an aunt of Asanka. Such a warm welcome I Mail-Colombo-4_11-07-15have rarely experienced. We were kissed and hugged! There were many people there. Grandmother and grandfather of Asanka, his eldest sister Nadeesha, aunts, children, etc. Today, a niece of Asanka has her birthday and we are also invited. Fish barbecue, salads, vegetables and certainly rice! A cake has been ordered by Asanka. I am looking forward to it and to be among such dear people.

Asanka and Indika have swept the whole house today and mopped the floor and have just finished washing and cleaning the car. Hardworking young men! Then off20150710_141735 we go again.Mail-Colombo-1_11-07-15

We are looking tomorrow for a general contractor.Mail-Jetwing-1_11-07-15

.Until next time and warm regards




Friday, Juli 10th 2015   - Newsletter 5 from Sri Lanka

Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_CHHC-1Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_Mittagessen-1Dear friends

In the last two days a lot has happened and it's really working unexpectedly fast forwards. It also seems to happen to me all very easily - a clear sign for me that I am on the right path.

The day before yesterday I took a small half-day break and was on the beach with Zulejka nearby. Perfect! But the waves were too high, so that you could not swim in the sea. For this reason Zulejka will probably next week move to near Galle in the south (we are north) where the sea is calmer. She loves swimming in the sea. And we still have much to do.

Yesterday evening we went to a lawyer to clarify some things. And we have received some tasks that have to be Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_Mittagessen-2done in order to continue:

- Some papers (we had  received some from the broker) are still missing which would be necessary for the purchase of the land. We need to get them from the Regional Registration Office Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_CHHC-2in Puttalam

- In order to make the purchase of the property and in order to protect my interests (otherwise required local participation is 25%) a company will be registered "CHHC (Pvt) Limited" (CHHC = Carla's Heritage Health Centre). For this the lawyer also needs various documents ,

The lawyer made a very good impression.Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_Mittagessen-3

Yesterday we made our trip to Kalpitiya (Friday was planned) and on the way to Puttalam. Asanka and Indika went to the regional offices to get the papers we needed. Only two people working in the office and they had no time.  (Fee 500 rupees = CHF 3.50). We would have to come again the next day. Mail-Kalpitiya-2_10-07-15_FruehstueckSolution: we gave them each 500 rupees. The papers we had 20 minutes later.

At the entrance to Kapitiya is a small church. I did not see it the first time. Built (is written on it) in 1933. Carla's year of birth! Another coincidence!?

In Kalpitiya we met with the broker (Washington), to discuss the problem of the shed on the plot. The owner of the property was also present. It turned out that the tenant was only renting and that the shed belonged to the property owner. The tenant had not renewed the lease anyway and the property owners will remove the shed. Yet another problem solved.

We were afterwards at the brokers home and discussed how to proceed. For the building permit application a blueprint must be made by an architect . As a basis my plans are quite sufficient and need not to be changed. The necessary approvals, we should get without any problems, he said.

The broker is very helpful to us. Actually two blueprints would be needed for the application for authorization - the main house and guest house. Costs per plan 75,000 rupees (CHF 500). But he has talked with the architect and now only one blueprint will be done.

Today morning Indika has brought all the papers to the lawyer. Today it is planned that we will get in touch with a general contractor. Saturday week the official survey of the land should be made.

So it's all moving forwards!

Until next time and warm regards


PS Did this this morning to send early but we had a power failure. Was apparently announced but we did not notice it


Tuesday, Juli 7th 2015 - Newsletter 4 from Sri Lanka

Dear friendsMadhu-Mail-1_06-07-15Madhu-Mail-4_06-07-15

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. For me however a great comfort that many were thinking of me.

It was also a busy day. After only about 3 hours of sleep, we started with the preparations for the trip to Madhu. It is customary when one pilgrimages to Madhu, that one takes food and drink for those in need. So 30 large sandwiches were prepared and at the breakfast stop (see picture) we bought 30 bottles of water and 30 buns. These we have then distributed in Madhu.

We were together 6 persons - 4 adults and Indikas children Melan and Netussi. The small Melan became sick from the journey but we could stop in time before he vomited after breakfast in the car.

Madhu-Mail-2_06-07-15Although it is not quite 200 km from Negombo to Madhu there was a lot of traffic on the road. The final section went through the former war zone. Police and military are still present but only minimally. Not at all disturbing. Only the road condition was partly very bad. This also contributed to the fact that the journey time was 5 hours.

The pilgrimage place Madhu reminded me strongly of the Casa at John of God iMadhu-Mail-5_06-07-15n Abijania in Brazil, where Carla and I were. Only here there is also a church but also everything is white and blue just like in Brazil. We bought candles and prayed in the church. Carla was very close to me and has blessed me and promised to help our project.

Madhu-Mail-3_06-07-15When we arrived late in the evening in Negombo, we found that the same tire with which we already had 4 puctures (each time long nails), had lost air. Indika got it mended yesterday evening, because he has to bring the children to school tomorrow.

Asanka's father Douglas has through his connectios found out something. When we looked at the property in Kalitiya, there was a kind of shed and people who were outside it. We thought nothing about it but only havMadhu-Mail-6_06-07-15e considered whether we can remove the shed or would keep it as a kind of boathouse. Now it has turned out that a family has been residing there illegally for almost 30 years. The current owner of the property has to regulate this before the definitive purchase. Nevertheless, we will later this week visit a lawyer and entrust him with the preparation of a purchase contract.

This afternoon my good colleague and customer Zulejka Sekulic is arriving and remains 10 days. She is a very nice person and also one of those who helped me in the last months. She recently had similar health problems as I had last year. She urgently needs a change of scenery and this will be for her very different from her previous holidays. But it will do her good to be surrounded by caring, warm, cheerful and loving people.

Now we have to go shopping and refuel the car. Before we have King Coconut juice - is supposed to be very healthy. Douglas has brought us 6 pieces from his garden.

Will write again soon.

Warm regards


Saturday, Juli 4th 2015 - Newsletter 3 from Sri LankaMail-Kalpitiya-2_04-07-15

Dear friends

Mail-Kalpitiya-4_04-07-15The planned trip to Kalpitiya yesterday had to be postponed at short notice due to various reasons. Last but not least because  Asankas suitcase had finally arrived from Muscat. In the suitcase were mainly gifts from friends and colleagues in Dubai, which Asanka had taken with him for their families. These had to be then distributed. It is impressive that even though a lot of people live in half (sometimes even less) finished houses, one thing  is always there - satellite dish and TV!

But today we went to Kalpitiya! An exciting journey. My first impressions have been confirmed. The mosMail-Kalpitiya-1_04-07-15t important thing for the vehicles are the horn and the brakes. The driving style is very much in need of improvement! The worst are motorcycles. It is no exception that the father drives, the mother Mail-Kalpitiya-3_04-07-15sitting on the luggage carrier and the child between the legs of the father! Anyway, we survived the trip thanks to the driving skills of Indika.

We met in the afternoon with the broker. At first they insisted that the plots could only be sold separately, each 1 hectare (4,000 m2). The disadvantage was that the plots were each 100m X 400m. So a kind of longisg oblong. And our plans would have had to be greatly changed. We have made the suggestion that we take the whole lagoon front - ie 200 meters and 300 meters deep, a total of 6000 m2 and offered a price which corresponded to Mail-Kalpitiya-5_04-07-15a discount of over 10% compared to the tender. They called us a good 20 minutes before and said the owner agreed.Mail-Kalpitiya-6_04-07-15

We will let them know tomoroow if we agree too.

Then we go from there! On the whole a successful day!

Warm regards




Thursday, Juli 2nd 2015 - Newsletter 2 from Sri Lanka

Mail_Haus-Garden_02-07-15Dear friendsMail_Haus-1_02-07-15

Here are a few pictures of the house and garden incl. King Coconut Tree, Garden and Jack Fruit Tree. By the way, the fruits of the Jack Fruit Tree are really delicious. I forgot to mention yesterday that it rained heavily and continuously in the two days prior to our arrival - it's really still the rainy season. But since we are here, not a drop has fallen! If angels travel .......

Also forgot to mention that when we yesterday drove through Negombo we had a flat tire - rear left. Indika was able to pump it up at a gas station and then drove to a tire garage. It all happened in a flash. Jacked up car, Mail_Haus-King-Coconut_02-07-15removed wheel, searched damaged area and found nail 10cm (!), removed it, stuffed hole and glued (tubeless tires), finished. 10 minutes and approximately CHF 8.50!Mail_Haus-2_02-07-15

Today was, you could almost say, a historic day. The fouders of Carla's Home and Carla's Heritage Heath Centre have met for the first time! I, Asanka, Indika together with  Douglas (Asankas father). There was lively discussion, with proposals and arguments. All very constructive and I am grateful for so much help on the project.

The only negative thing on this day was the news that Asankas suitcase did not arrive as promised, but should arrive tomorrow. It has been found but there was no Oman Air flight from Muscat to Colombio today. False Mail_Haus-Jack-Fruit_02-07-15promises. Luckily, Asanka and I have pretty much the same clothes size and I can help him out.

I cannot promise to send news every day but will do my best to keep you up to date. Tomorrow we will go to Kalpitiya to look at land. Am very excited!

Warm regards


Wednesday, Juli 1st 2015 - Newsletter 1 from Sri Lanka

Dear friends

I arrived yesterday and now I have since today Internet connection.again.Indikas-Familie-Asanka-David_Frau-Sohn-Tochter

The journey was, as expected, a bit exhausting, but everything was on schedule but also the first day was exhausting. We even landed a litte earlier than scheduled in Colombo. But ....... Asankas suitcase remained in Muscat and did not arrive and on the journey sometime and somewhere my whole cash was stolen (about CHF 4000). I can not understand it but most likely it happened on the flight from Zurich to Muscat. The money was in my backpack and the backpack was in the overhead locker on the plane. I only discovered this when we wanted to go shopping in the late afternoon.

The reception we (I and Asanka) had at the airport was warm. Indika, my other friend, and Asankas father picked us up with with the rental car (Honda Insight Hybrid). Of course on the way to Negombo we had to visit the eldest sister of Asanka, his cousin and family and look at different things. Then we moved into the rental house. It is very large, clean although very simply furnished but also has a beautiful garden with King Coconut Trees, a Mango tree and a Jack Fruit tree among other plants and shrubs.

But we did not even have time to unpack properly, and no chance to get some rest. In the evening Asankas father, his stepmother, Asankas younger brother and his younger sister and another cousin came by. They also brought  various food - all pretty strongly flavored, but that suits me well. It was as is usual here accompanied by fairly a lot to drink.t. At the end Asankas father said to me solemnly “welcome in Sri Lanka - and in the family.” Really touching!

Today, however, we were able to sleep. About noon Indika came with his wife and their two children. Then we went shopping and also organized the Internet connection. In the afternoon, Indika and his wife haveDSCI0861 cooked everything for tonight. A little later we will be eating but I was allowed to try. Excellent!

Attached are two photos.

Tomorrow we should be able to pick up Asankas suitcase. Probably we will drive to Kalpitiya! on Friday.

I’ll keep yu up to date.

Warm regards





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