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Sunday, 23rd April 2017 - 5th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The fifth newsletter in 2017 from Sri Lanka. This time with more enjoyable news!

The physical consequences of the car accident I have now overcome. Although I went to the hospital a few times for safety reasons to have a wound treated, which worried me a bit but now almost everything is healed. But the whole experience is still worrying me! Another consequence is the loss of my digital cameras. I had t with me in the car when the accident happened. At first I did not think of it and only missed it later. Now it can not be found! Thus also photos of the building of the new well on the property are unfortunately also lost. Now I am dependent on the camera of my mobile phone for the time being until I have organized a replacement. Not so easy here!

Work on the property will continue next week. Here was also Easter for the Christians and at the same time Singalesian and Tamil New Year. We stayed two days with Nilmelli in Negombo. Life came to a halt for almost two weeks. On Good Friday morning Buddhist acquaintances and friends brought food (sweets and bananas). It is so custom here. In the afternoon we all went to church together.

But now current pictures of the plot and construction works. The water tank construction continues to take shape and the floor plan of the guest house and the therapy center are now visible.

WS-05-17-1   WS-05-17-2  WS-05-17-3

On the property we had, as already mentioned, not least for security reasons almost all coconut trees removed. There were no problems, as there are some millions of coconut trees in Sri Lanka. There remained a normal coconut tree as well as two king coconut trees. But there were also five quite big palm trees of a different kind. These are not very rare but valuable. If we had removed them, the police would probably have come.

It is called Borassus flabellifer, also called Palmyrapalm, Lontaropalm or sometimes Sugarpalm. It is a fan palm and is now cultivated in many tropical areas. It is up to 30 m high and has a trunk up to about 50 cm thick. Because of the similarity of the fruits with the coconut, they are also called "small coconut" in parts of Asia. It has many large, medium to silvery palm fronds, which form a nearly spherical crown, which is characteristic of this type of palm. Borassus is a palm that can be used many things. For example, it is the supplier of a sugar-containing juice (Toddy) which is either processed into palm sugar or fermented to palm wine (Arrak).

These have not been cared fo so far, and since the lower dead branches and leaves fall off very late, they did not look very good. So we decided to remove the lower dead branches. The wood is especially hard! With an electronic knife no chance! An electronic hedge shears also useless. So we had to use the chainsaw, which I luckily brought with me. Asanka has done really good and hard work! However, we have to work on it a few times and are not yet finished. At 35 ° C in the shade you can not work very long without a break. But the palms look much better now! Pictures: Before, Asanka at work, after:

WS-05-17-4  WS-05-17-5  WS-05-17-6 

With Asanka I have a new stricter agreement with six months probation. Let's see if he sticks to it and whether it works! Otherwise we must separate.

We are now back in Negombo for a couple of days. There are the display boards and the entrance gates, which should have been finished for a long time. Here everything runs a bit different!

Read more in the next newsletter!

Until then dear greetings from
David, Asanka, Kalinga and all the others


Tuesday, 4th April 2017 - 4th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The fourth Newsletter 2017 from Sri Lanka. This time unfortunately not only but also joyful things!

Car care is here very favoured and is very cheap. Inside cleaning, washing, waxing and polishing for approx. Euro 13 .--!


On Thursday 16th March we drove early to Kalpitiya The transport company Horizon in Colombo had announced the first delivery of the container contents. Unfortunately the cement floor for the tent was not ready, so we had to improvise something. We bought a plastic cover, it was spread out, the cargo was parked there and covered with tent parts.

WS-0417-2   WS-0417-3

On Friday we set up the tent and moved the load to there.

WS-0417-4-1   WS-0417-5

The tent was now half full. On Saturday the second delivery arrived, which we could then directly place into the tent. Now it was full!


At the same time as the cement floor for the tent, the water tank construction has been continued. Now it's really going forwards!

WS-0417-7   WS-0417-8   WS-0417-9

Now they have marked out the floor plans for the two houses, the holes for the cement corner posts and the corner posts have been casted. The cement ceiling from the ground floor of the water tank construction and the floor from the first floor is already poured. Pictures then in the next newsletter, as we are currently back in Negombo.

Cooperation with Asanka is becoming increasingly difficult and there will have to be a change. He is unreliable, forgetful, unpunctual, and dubious. He has long promised to change and improve but it just does not happen. I have given him a "last chance" many times - too many times - but now it's over. Read more in the next newsletter.

In any case, we are unexpectedly back in Negombo since Monday, April 27th and stay here for the time being. On Wednesday I went with Kalinga, his father and the workers to Kalpitiya, since I had to get clothes and my medication. Shortly after 4 pm we left for Negombo. On a straight stretch between Puttalam and Chilaw it happened! There was little traffic and the tuk-tuk came from the other direction. He probably oversaw us and / or underestimated our speed. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he turned right in the middle of the road. The impact was inevitable! Our Toyota minibus just rammed the tuk-tuk and it is rolled over three times. We came to a halt about 100 meters further. The driver of the tuk-tu had a very serious head injury and was bleeding heavily. We then drove him to the hospital in a horror trip to Chilaw as fast as possible, but he then succumbed to his injuries about two hours later. Then, of course, the whole story with the police that took hours. The whole thing still plagues me today! I have never experienced anything like it! The next day, the first court ruling (Kalinga had to give up his driving licence) and the next will take place next Friday. He has already agreed with the survivors and takes over or takes part in the funeral expenses. It is common to do so here.

I thought at first - I sat next to Kalinga, who was driving - that I only suffered with the horror, and a few scrapes and bruises. Only after we had delivered the tuk tuk driver, I realized that my left foot had been bleeding. The nail of the big toe had been pulled back, but it still hung on! Later, I had it cleansed, disinfected and bandaged in the hospital. Prophylactically, I have also received antibiotics, as I can not afford a new blood poisoning. The health insurance which I have fixed up here has excluded this for the time being for a year. In any case, the swelling is now reduced and it looks pretty good but the nail I'll probably lose!

As I have written at the beginning, not only pleasing things but it is now moving forward!

Read more in the next newsletter!

Until then dear greetings from 

David, Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Monday, 6th March 2017 - 3rd Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The third Newsletter this year from Sri Lanka.

Our advertising is now decorating a few tuk-tuks in Negombo!


Asanka learns - but slowly. Perhaps with my help, he will be able to deal with money better and more carefully. For example, he loves our car very much and wanted us to buy a cover - since we have no garage at the moment. In Negombo we found one - but at about CHF 50 .--! He wanted to buy immediately. That seemed too expensive to me. At home I looked in Internet at Amazon and there was already for CHF 18 .--! Then he found a cover for CHF 30 .--! I said we will still wait. In Colombo we finally found one for CHF 17 .--! Maybe he learns from it that you do not buy the first thing!

The entrance gates are so far finished. Only the letters "CHHC" are missing. Gold colored natural!

Fourteen days ago, we were at the port in Colombo to handle the customs formalities for the container. It all went a bit wrong! The container was unsealed and opened before our arrival, which does not correspond to the regulations. They should have done it in my presence. The Customs insisted that the container be opened at the port and not at the warehouse of the local transport company, which is responsible for the further processing. Additional fees!

The container arrives at customs:


The container is unloaded three-quarters for customs inspection

Hfen-2  Hfen-3jpg

Unfortunately, during the unloading as well as during the reloading of the container, no one of the local transport company was present most pf the time to ensure that the work was done carefully. A for me valuable sculpture has been damaged. We are now trying to fix the damage.

The customs fees were also steep but I knew that the restrictions on the import of household goods are very strict. As an example, you should only take 6 CDs / DVDs with you! After discussions with the customs officials, the original fees were reduced by a third!

A week ago we were in Kalpitiya. All coconut tree roots were now removed and the construction site flattened.

Kalpitiya-1  Kalpitiya-2

Unfortunately, we still do not have the definite building permission. It has turned out that further permits are necessary - fire protection, environmental protection etc. And, of course, further fees! And everything takes a long time! However, we have now been assured that we can continue building on Wednesday 15 March! Then the ground is prepared for the tent and the tent is put up. Then the transport from Colombo to Kalpitiya can take place. The water tank construction is then continued. We expect to be able to move in in about two weeks.

I recently took a very good photo of the two youngest children of my Sri Lanka family - Mary and Elisha. Really super! In most of the photos Mary (left) has always closed her eyes. Not this time!


Last Friday we went to Ambulangoda to visit Gayantha (and his family), whom I also got to know at the Hilton Abu Dhabi. He and his wife Nani entertained us abundantly and in the evening we went to an acquaintance of Asanka and Gayantha in Ambulangoda. He is also called Asanka - and he and his colleagues are building a small hotel on the beach. The beach is not yet officially opened but he has made it with provisional seating very comfortable. In future, we will also network and help each other. Later another former Hilton employee, Charith, who lives nearby, also joined us. He was very happy to see me again. It was a beautiful, if rather drink-happy evening! From left to right - Charith, me, Asanka, Gayantha.


We then stayed the night with an aunt of Gayantha. On Saturday morning we went to Galle. Very popular as a tourist destination. There is a fort, built in 1566 by the Portuguese. Another attraction is the rock, where crazy locals dive in to the water.

Galles-1   Galles-2

Hikkaduwa has a beautiful beach and is also a tourist destination.


On the route to Galle are also monuments commemorating the tsunami of December 26th, 2006, when Sri Lanka was heavily hit and hundreds of people lost their lives.


Denkmal-2 Denkmal-3 

Now that we know we are moving to Kalpitiya soon, there are quite a few things to do in Negombo and Colombo.

Read more in the next newsletter!

Until then dear greetings from 

David, Asanka, Kalinga und allen Anderen auch

Monday, 6th Febuary 2017 - 2nd Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Das zweite Newsletter im neuen Jahr aus Sri Lanka.

Originally, I wanted to content myself with the acquisition of a tuk-tuk (the usual taxi transport means) up to the completion of the buildings. This is however not suitable for further away journeys and larger transports. We must also do some things in Colombo, would also like to visit friends from Abu Dhabi who live in the south and Kalpitiya is also about 140 km away. Road traffic taxes, insurance, service and repairs as well as fuel prices are within normal limits. However, cars are comparatively expensive because of the import duties. New ones anyway, luxury cars almost unaffordable and even secondhand cars are not exactly cheap. We had to look for a while until we found something suitable and Asanka had to reduce his ideas and wishes.

Now we have a car since last Thursday! A Toyota Allion - unknown in Europe - but in good condition. It also provides convenient space for four passengers including luggage. So also well suited for transporting guests to and from the airport in Colombo.

Here, however, the rituals in connection with a car purchase are impressive! After picking up the car we drove home. Nilmelli was already ready with incense to bless the car! Later we went to the local church and the car was blessed by a priest with holy water. Here are some pictures:

DSCI2368   DSCI2369

An advertisment for Kalpitiya is also already there!


Last Saturday morning, at 1:30 am, we - I, Asanka, Kalinga and Asiri - drove to Madhu, a place of pilgrimage in the north, where I had been twice already to pray for us, for the project and the car. We were there before 5:30 pm but we were not the only ones!

  DSCI2355    DSCI2346

              Madhu-1                              Madhu-2

We have not yet received the final building permit. We are going to Kapitiya tomorrow morning and hope to get things moving at last. What is important is that we can prepare the ground for the tent where we want to temporarily store the contents of the container because the expected arrival of the container is scheduled for February 12th. Let's hope the best!

The next newsletter comes from Sri Lanka.
Until then greetings from
David, Asanka, Kalinga and all the others

Sunday, 22nd January 2017 - 1st Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The first newsletter in the new year from Sri Lanka.

Only after my arrival here did I realize how tired and exhausted I really was and it took a few days for me to recover a bit.

On my departure, the weather forecast was very unsure concering snow, which is why Markus took me with the luggage early in the morning to the train station. I was happy, however, when I finally checked in the three suitcases (a total of 73 Kg) at the airport. The flight to Doha was on time and I was again lucky enough to get an upgrade to Business Class for the flight from Doha to Colombo.

A few days after my arrival, the feast for Saint Sebastian began in the quarter. The streets were decorated.

NL1-17-1   NL1-17-2

And all of them, including the neighbors, prepared feasts. And the whole family is envolved!

NL1-17-3   NL1-17-4

NL1-17-5   NL1-17-6

Then all friends, family members and neighbors come to celebrate


The actual feast with procession was impressive. So many people!

NL1-17-8   NL1-17-9

NL1-17-10   NL1-17-11

Today Asanka and I ordered the entrance gates for the project here in Negombo. My design


Last Wednesday we started to clean and level the site. Unfortunately, the excavator broke down and had to be repaired and we could only continue today. Heavy rain has interrupted the process. But we will continue soon.

NL1-17-13   NL1-17-14

Today, Kalinga will make every effort to obtain the final building permit, and then it will start!

The next newsletter comes from Sri Lanka.
Until then greetings from


David, Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Friday, 30th December 2016 - 23rd Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A last newsletter from Switzerland before my definitive departure to Sri Lanka on Friday, January 13th 2017.

Asanka is now making great efforts! I have repeatedly expressed my disappointment, that he also went back with Kalinga and left me alone with the whole packing. But he is now trying to show that he can be reliable and helpful. After a recent last medical examination, I had to take note of the fact that I must continue to take certain medicines for the time being. I sent Asanka a list with the names and asked him to clarify whether they were all available in Sri Lanka and at what price. Just over an hour later, I received photos of the medications and the prices. All original medicines are significantly cheaper there than the generics with us!

Also, Asanka has organized the permits for the operation of a guesthouse and a clinic. All done! Recently, he has also made reservations for places for large display boards. One at the junction to Kapitiya, on the main road between Chilaw and Puttalam and one at the end of the village of Kapitiya where you turn right to drive to us. I have just ordered solar lamps, which I will take with me, so that the boards are also lit at night.

Yesterday the packers came. I had just managed to finish packing all the smaller things like books, dishes, glasses, office and kitchen appliances, etc. - about 100 boxes! Today the packers carefully packed the rest of the furniture and loaded the container. Now everything is on the way to Kalpitiya! Here are some pictures:

                    Umzug-1  Umzug-2  

  Umzug-3  Umzug-4

 Umzug-5   Umzug-6

Umzug-7   Umzug-8

The handing over of the property to the new owner takes place on January 2nd and then I spend the remaining time with my ex-Son-in-law Markus. There will still be a lot to be done.

We wish everyone a happy New Year! The next newsletter will come from Sri Lanka.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well

Wednesday, 14th December 2016 - 22nd Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Asanka and Kalinga arrived well on Tuesday, December 6th in Zürich, after a few problems with the immigration, and I picked them up at the airport.


They wished to visit some friends and acquaintances near Bologna and I fulfilled them this wish. We went there on Thursday and stayed until Saturday. We were spoiled by everyone!


Asanka already knew the cold from his last stay but for Kalinga this was new. He saw snow for the first time!

   DSCI2244   DSCI2250

Last Sunday a few friends and acquaintances came to us. It was a nice afternoon..


Now, however, some important changes have occurred! Kalinga's grandmother is in the intensive care unit in the hospital in Sri Lanka and it does not look very good. Kalinga has to go back to Sri Lanka as soon as possible. Asanka has a cold, does not feel well, says he can not stand the weather here this time and since he knows Kalinga's grandmother well, he also wants to return to Sri Lanka. They both fly tonight!

Of course, I am disappointed and now in a difficult situation, as I reckoned with the help of them both with packing. I can understand Kalinga's situation as he is very close to his grandfather, but the question arises as to whether I can really count on Asanka's help at least in Sri Lanka!

I may have to make some important decisions in the near future. But time will show the decision!

The next newsletter will surely come from Switzerland again.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all the others as well

Thursday, 1st December 2016 - 21st Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time only briefly!

Just before my departure in Sri Lanka the last Friday, Nilmelli had to make a school visit. I could not resist photographing her in her beautiful sari


At 8:15 this morning I received two photos by Skype

   VISA-Asanka-WS  VISA-Kalinga-WS

It's worked out! Both Asanka and also Kalinga received visas for Switzerland and will travel next Tuesday, December 6th! I'm looking forward to them coming. Kalinga himself says that for him a dream is now fulfilled to be able to travel to Europe.

The next newsletter will surely come from Switzerland again.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all the others as well

Thursday, 24th November 2016 - 20th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Again a newsletter from Sri Lanka before my departure on Saturday - early morning at 3 o'clock as usual.

I am flying with Qatar Airways as always lately and can only praise and recommend this airline! The flights are pleasant, up to now with only one exception extremely punctual, the staff friendly and attentive and the change times in Doha quite pleasant and never long. Also the prices can be seen! We can therefore really recommend Qatar Airways and have also installed on our homepage this link, which leads directly to the booking page:


Time and interest? Click on it and get inspired!

Alisha, Romesha's youngest (a sweet girl) has fallen in love with me a bit. She is very reserved at the moment - as at the beginning also with me - but now comes to me and plays with my necklace.


In a newspaper supplement of the Sunday before last was a detailed interesting article about the leisure facilities in Kalpitiya.


Preparations also include security, which is very important in Sri Lanka. We will have a video surveillance system (3 systems - water tank construction, main house, guest house - with a total of 20 cameras) and a dog is a further measure. The corresponding posters, which will be placed around the entire property, I had already prepared at home, but the texts still had to be translated into Sinhala and Tamil. This is now done.

 warning   und   dog

Last Sunday we met with a friend of Sumith, who will help us with the allocation of the residence permit for me. He works at the Immigration Office. The process is, however, almost less complicated and more complex than the one for the visa assignment for Switzerland. But also quite different!

On Tuesday, we were in Colombo at the Schengen place, which is responsible for visas for different European countries and submitted the applications for entry into Switzerland for Asanka and Kalinga. We do not expect any problems and if everything goes well the two fly to Switzerland on 6. December and stay until 3. January. The process lasted almost 4 hours! Actually, we wanted to submit the application for my resident visas on the same day, but the time was no longer enough. We therefore had to drive again to Colombo on Wednesday and today again Thursday. We were able to collect my residence permit this afternoon! After about an hour!


Tomorrow we can finally go to Kalpitiya. We had to delay this trip a few times for various reasons (see above). We hope to get in contact with the bank and to set up a P.O.Box.

Please allow me a little bit to philosophize! A song has almost become a kind of motto for the project. Yes, really a song! A song that everyone knows or at least heard a few times. It reflects my personal intentions behind the project and strengthens me every time while listening. Carla and I founded the "" and there were always great meetings with good speakers and stimulating conversations. Interestingly, but by no means coincidentally, my topic was "love" at the last meeting last November. More about this maybe another time.


  Heal-the-world-Picture   from Michael Jackson

The lyrics are outstanding! "There is a place in your heart and I know that it is love”, and "Heal The World, Make It A Better Place, For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race, There Are People Dying, If You Care For The Living Make A Better Place For You And For Me". And at the end "Heal the world we live in, save it for our children". Great, isn't it?

The song can be heard at M=VDFSRV and the text can be found at .

I'm not making myself any illusions! It is my love for my fellow human beings and my "helper syndrome" that drive me. But I know that I will do what I can and will, as best I can - with God's help. I'm aware of what I'm doing only a drop on a hot stone (what one say in Gemany). But what does one also say? "The constant drop disolves the stone". Perhaps others will imitate me! It would be nice to build a kind of community here in Sri Lanka, which is energetically and spiritually ao strong, to help the people here and foreigners who wish it.

The next newsletter will surely come from Switzerland.

In the meantime best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well

Thursday, 17th November 2016 - 19th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Her

Dear friends

A further Newsletter from Sri Lanka.

On the weekend before my departure to Sri Lanka I was, as I announced in the last newsletter, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The flight Zurich - Doha was entertaining, because I made an interesting acquaintance. More about this later.

My friend Gayantha picked me up at the airport and drove to the hotel. We had a lot to talk about and it got quite late.


There have been a lot of staff changes at the Hilton Hotel Abu Dhabi and I only knew a few "old faces". On the beach the same as I passed by on Saturday morning. In the afternoon I checked out and Gayantha picked me up. He had been working in the morning. We bought a few things and then broke up to Dubai. On the way we passed by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It was already at dusk and a very spirited image was awaiting us. I really enjoyed it!


I stayed at the Hilton Double Tree in Dubai and met on Sunday morning our (Carla's and my) "old" dear friend Johanna, who works as a director of operations there. We have always understood each other well and talked about old times but also about my future plans. We've known each other for 12 years. On Sunday evening I flew back. It was also a nice time together with Gayantha. A true friend.

Last Friday back to Sri Lanka! I had to take a rest the first few days and had the opportunity to go to the beach and finally swim in the sea again. Asanka said the waves were quite strong, but I'm quite a practiced swimmer and enjoyed it alone out there. The children Hirusha and Roshen accompanied us and enjoyed it very much, although both can not swim yet.

Strand-WS-1   Strand-WS-2   Strand-WS-3  Strand-WS-3-1

 The children Tharushi and Rochen surprised me with belated birthday wishes. Really hearty! And after a strong rain show, a water turtle strayed to us. Incredibly beautiful drawings!

Strand-WS-4   Strand-WS-5

Just before I left, I got the message that the property is now definitely sold. So we have already made a provisional schedule here. Kalinga had expressed the wish to travel to Europe and his father is supporting him. Asanka would of course want to come again and I am of course thankful that both will help me to pack and prepare. There is plenty to do and organize. The flights have already been provisionally booked and we are in the middle of the preparations for the visa applications. An appointment at the Schengen office in Colombo is already scheduled for next Tuesday. A very complex process.

Tomorrow we go to Kalpitiya to do some things. The building permits must also be amended after the changes to the construction plans.

There is probably another newsletter from Sri Lanka coming soon or then from Switzerland again.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all the others as well

Monday, 31st October 2016 - 18th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear Friends

A lot has happened since my return to Switzerland on October 13th. I caught a cold on the return journey, which is now slowly getting better. But I'll be back in the warmth again soon!

I mentioned in the last newsletter that the commissioned broker has reported that a young couple is very interested in the property in Switzerland. I do not want to wait any longer and am willing to accept a selling price below the actual value. Unfortunately, the couple for a variety of reasons reduced their offer. However, they have also offered that I can leave everything I do not take with me, and then they will dispose of it. That is worth something as well! I actually expect the definitive decision to buy every day. Then we can schedule everything. I would like to have everything done by the end of the year! We must then reduce the whole project, as I have already mentioned. It is quite tight then. But it can be done and in the last weeks and days we have made a lot of new considerations and made new calculations.

We have made a list of priorities. First and foremost, I would like to be able to practice as a doctor of natural medicine and healer again as soon as possible. My helper syndrome! So the therapy center is the first priority.

We canceled the planned third house! This causes another problem. In addition to living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms (first during the construction period for me and Asanka, later for employees or for renting) a large storage room was also planned, where we wanted to store the contents of the moving container up to the completion of our residential house. Later, the room could also be divided into smaller rooms, used as a storage room or even as a party room for parties, societies, seminars, wedding parties, etc.

There was also a kind of pavilion planned, where one could also organize seminars, parties, etc. This can be seen on the plan of the entire planned site as of May 2016 - as a pergola located in the middle between the guest house and the main house (

First we wanted to make a kind of frame construction with a plastic cover. Now we can solve both problems with one solution! A marquee (larger tent) - 6 m X 5 m, which corresponds to the volume of a 40 ft container!

Zelt           Tent-Packages

Everything - packed in 3 cartons - is already ready for transport in the garage here!

Kalinga will prepare a floor for the tent, we will take the three packages at the port when we clear the container at customs, and the tent will be ready for the arrival of the container in Kalpitiya!

Asanka and I will probably rent the house of Sunhar until completion of the water tank construction, but afterwards temporarily stay in the water tank construction until the main house is finished. There are two rooms and a bathroom there.

Another problem, however, has occupied me. The road (Hospital Road) to our property is partly quite narrow and curvy. I wondered if a 40 ft container would make it there at all! But when we were on the property the last time, a large bus with tourists came up there. So it should not be a problem for the container!

We had to continue reducing costs! We have changed the planned wall at the front on the street. We will have a fence erected like the other three sides, and the gates will be simpler than originally planned. Many plants will be planted on both sides (inside and outside), so it will still not be so bad but significantly cheaper.

The guest house will now be single-storey, thus only 4 double rooms. For the beginning it is enough and should we receive bookings for seminars or festivals, it will be no problem to accommodate a part of the participants in other guest houses or hotels nearby. The sun terrace on the roof still remains! So the whole is more than over seeable and Asanka and I can manage this alone!

We also have to put back the swimming pool at the main house. Planned for later was also a smaller pool for the guests. Maybe that will still be possible! But for swimming the lagoon is big enough!

In the long run, we had expansion plans anyway. A second guesthouse and / or cabanas. Land we have enough! Come time, these will come too!

I had it quite hard in the last months. All the delays, then my accident with the blood poisoning and hospital stay. I still have not quite recovered from it. Lately, my urge to visit the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi has been steadily increasing. There I am particularly close to Carla. Many of you know why. I still have flight miles and hotel points and a week ago decided to redeem these now. I am flying to Abu Dhabi next Friday and will also go to Dubai to visit "our old friend" Johanna at the Double Tree Hilton. My longtime friend in Abu Dhabi Gayantha will pick me up at the airport and drive me around. I am very grateful to him. But I'll be flying home on Sunday evening and land on Monday morning in Zurich.

Then the next travel plans are already ahead. On Friday, November 11, I will return to Colombo!

The next newsletter will probably come from Sri Lanka.

Until then warm greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well

Wednesday, 12th October 2016 - 17th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear Friends

A further Newsletter from Sri Lanka.

A few days before our trip to Kalpitiya we were at Romeshas place. Her house is making great progress. I'm already looking forward to seeing something similiar in Kalpitiya!


On Sunday we went to Kalpitiya and arrived there in the early afternoon. We wanted to check in at a guest house first, but after we had met Sunhar the former owner of our property, decided to take his offer and rent his small house, which he built on the remaining part of the property and moved in there.

Mail2-Okt16-2   Mail2-Okt16-3

Afterwards we drove in to town. There are a lot of new shops and businesses!

Mail2-Okt16-4   Mail2-Okt16-5

Mail2-Okt16-6   Mail2-Okt16-7

A little further down the road from our property three Cabanas have been built and are almost finished!


Yesterday was Asankas birthday and we (Asanka, Kalinga, Sumith and Anura and I) celebrated at Anuras house.

Mail2-Okt16-9   Mail2-Okt16-10

The commissioned lady broker has reported that a young couple is very interested in the property in Switzerland. Now it it had to be negotiated. I do not want to wait any longer and am willing to accept a selling price below the actual value. However, we would then have to tighten up the whole project pretty much. But it can be done and we have made a lot of new calculations in the last few days. More about this later.

Today, towards midnight, we go to the airport for the return journey. The next newsletter comes then from Switzerland.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well

Friday, 7th October 2016 - 16th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Once again a short newsletter, This time from Sri Lanka.

A few days before my departure, extreme back problems and corresponding pain developed, which alone with medicines could not be got under control. On Monday already the doctor had to give me two injections and on Tuesday at 2 pm again. We left for the airport at 3pm. Despite the injections, it was a very painful trip. Standing, lying and walking were OK but sitting but was the problem. And as you know, you usually have to sit on the plane. Fortunately the plane was not crowded, at least on the Doha-Colombo route, and I was able to lie down and even sleep a little bit for the second part of the trip. Asanka and Kalinga picked me up at the airport. Since two days, the pain is slightly better but I can not sit for a long time.

I mentioned in the last newsletter that Asanka's grandfather had died. Here it is customary when someone dies, that the close family stays in the house where the deceased died for a whole month - day and night, so that Sumith and Nilmelli and the children are in Romesha's house. It is less than 500 meters away. Her house is just being extended by another floor.


The death annuncement (in poster form) is attached all along the street to pillars and home entrances. Also at the entrance gate to Nilmelli's house.

Mail1-Okt16-2   Mail1-Okt16-1

Asanka obviously did not know his grandfather's date of birth. It was only when I saw the death announcement that I realized that he was born the same day and the same month when I was born. Only in another year! Coincidence? The whole family was really very surprised when they learned this.

I really wanted to go to the hairdresser before I left. But my hairdresser was on holiday and with the back pain it would have been a problem anyway. So I had to go to Asanka's hairdresser. Alwis really made a big effort and I am quite satisfied with the result.


In Nilmelli's garden the Jackfruits are growing fast once again. Both sorts - fruit und vegetable.

Mail1-Okt16-5    Mail1-Okt16-6

The Solar-Lightchain, which I brought with me, has found good use. It is now integrated in the house altar!


Since Asanka and I are usually alone, we also have to cook for ourselves. Yesterday evening we had meat balls (poultry, frozen) with a sauce of fresh onions, tomatoes and Chile (I cooked that) and rice. Rice is Asanka's "specialty".


Either from tomorrow or the day after we plan to spend a couple of days in Kalpitiya.

The next newsletter will probably come again from Sri Lanka if I find the time.

Until then greetings from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and everyone else

Friday, 23rd September 2016 - 15th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A short newsletter before leaving for Sri Lanka this coming Tuesday. I hope this time to be able to continue to recover more. I have greatly underestimated the after-effects of my sepsis disease, the three and a half weeks of hospitalization and the five operations under general anesthesia. The shows itself not only by physical but also by mental exhaustion.

With the sale of the property here in Switzerland it is a bit slow. Certain people have, as mentioned earlier, delayed for a long time the transfer of the property to me and I could therefore not sell and could not profit from the earlier market advantages. Finally the sale was able to be started Mid May and then the school holidays came as well. The estate agents company will however now make a fresh start with a different strategy.

Asanka and Kalinga were recently in Kalpitiya and have reattached the new banner. It was interesting that Kalinga, because he gave his e-mail address on the banner, shortly thereafter received a request for another construction project in Kalpitiya. From a company from Belgium!


The last time as we drove on the night of Saturday, August 20th through Kalpitiya, I noticed that many new businesses have emerged - supermarkets, clothing shops etc. Kalinga and Asanka both have reported that there is a real boom right now in Kalpitiya and, that they had never seen so many visitors and tourists! The time is ripe for another new guest house! And so far there are no offers of additional health care or natural medical treatments! Also for that the time is ripe! Asanka and I plan to spend a few days in Kalpitiya on my next visit. Then we can make more local contacts and look at the developments in more detail.

Last Saturday afternoon, the news reached me that the grandfather of Asanka had died in the morning. A very nice, friendly elderly gentleman. We often exchanged a few words. But I noticed the last time that his health was not good and was not particularly surprised to receive the message. The laying-out took place in the house of the daughter Romesha and the funeral on Monday afternoon. The mourning period lasts a whole week. The whole family helps with the not inconsiderable costs. As it is somehow also "my family", I also donated a small amount.

The next newsletter will come from Sri Lanka.

Until then best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all others as well


Wednesday, 24th August 2016 - 14th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Again briefly from Sri Lanka as promised.

We went to Madhu last Saturday. With "me" I mean - Asanka, Kalinga and I, Kalinga's parents Karunanathra and Marlan, Auntie Maureen, Auntie Romesha with Rochain and the baby Elisha, Nilmelli and Sumith with Hirusha and Tarussi. And all the luggage and food as well! The van was full.


Since Sumith had to work on Saturday morning, we could leave only after 12pm. On the way we stopped in the parking lot in front of a church to take the picnic lunch that Nilmelli had prepared. Obviously quite normal as benches, tables and trash cans were available!

WS-Azg24-2   WS-Azg24-3

WS-Azg24-4   WS-Azg24-5

We arrived in Madhu after 250 km shortly after 17 pm and took over the home which us Asanka's cousin had made available for us. We walked out already in the evening in the church and have then made ourselves comfortable later.

WS-Azg24-6   WS-Azg24-7

The next day we got the car packed again around noon and went again to the church.


WS-Azg24-9   WS-Azg24-10


In the afternoon we went to a river to go swimming. Unfortunately I had to do without again.

WS-Azg24-11   WS-Azg24-12

A ten-member monkey family watched us!

WS-Azg24-13   WS-Azg24-14

On the way home we took a coffee break in Kalpitiya. The water tank construction is still there!

WS-Azg24-16   WS-Azg24-15

The next newsletter will come from Switzerland. I fly back tomorrow morning (3.00 o'clock departure from Colombo)!

Until then, best wishes from

David with Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Friday, 19th August 2016 - 13th Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Again from Sri Lanka as promised. But this time is really for a rest! I am take the warning seriously! For now I am not undertaking very much. The journey was arduous because there were several log stretches to walk at the airports, I had to cope with my foot. But (with painkillers as an exception) I managed it. Qatar Airways I can really only recommend! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful - even on the last flight home in June when I was so bad. The connections in Doha are consistently good and the transfer time usually only 1 to 2 hours.

I have now already flown with Qatar Airways several times and have therefore achieved as a frequent flyer "Silver" status (so far Burgundy). This has several advantages - Business - Class counter check-in at the airport with luggage, free use of the VIP lounge, the gate also business-class boarding and an additional 10 kg of luggage. The biggest - and really very pleasant surprise for me - in Doha at the gate was that they gave me me for the flight Doha - Colombo an upgrade to the business class. I greatly appreciated the reclining position of the seat with my painful leg!

Now are school holidays and the playing of the children is all over the world the same! Computer, Internet and games, although Hirusha, Tarussi and Rochaine spend a lot of time playing outside.


On Wednesday was full moon. Always a festive day (Poya) in Sri Lanka. In the late afternoon we all went together to a less known beach section (tip) and stayed until early evening there. There were many there and especially the kids really enjoyed the time there. I would have liked to join them all in the water but with my leg this was not possible. Here are a few visual impressions - Beautiful beach, kite flying is one of the Sri Lankan games, fun in the water, full moon, picnic, wedding building lit up, romp on the beach:

WS-Azg16-3   WS-Azg16-3-1


WS-Azg16-4   WS-Azg16-5




WS-Azg16-8   WS-Azg16-9

WS-Azg16-10   WS-Azg16-11

Tomorrow we will go all together to Madhu - a place of pilgrimage in the north of the island. I'm glad! We were there last July.

The next newsletter will be hopefully soon after. I fly on Thursday morning early (3:00 departure) back!

Until then, best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all the others as well

Sunday, 31st Juli 2016 - 12. Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dea friends

At last a further newsletter - this time as I wrote last time from Switzerland. It took a little longer. The reason you can read below.

The last days in Sri Lanka in June were very interesting. Before Negombo became a tourist destination, it was only a fishing village. In a few years it turned from the charming fishing town to one of the most important tourist towns of Sri Lanka with some fine hotels and good infrastructure on the long palm beach. There are still fishing boats and sympathetic small town life, and the ideal position, 10 km north of Colombo Airport, provides pleasant short transfer times. Sumith, Asankas uncle works at the fish market as a trader. He buys the catches from the fishermen and sells them. We visited him there. Here are some visual impressions:

WS-Fischmarkt-0  WS-Fischmarkt-1

WS-Fischmarkt-2  WS-Fischmarkt-3

WS-Fischmarkt-4  WS-Fischmarkt-5

Now I know why the fish that Sumith brought home were always so fresh and tasted so fanstatic! In Kalpitiya about 200 meters from us, fishermen also operate their businesses. I'm already looking forward to their catches!

We - especially Asanka and Kalinga - have managed to create important relationships and connections in Kalpitiya and prepared the ground for the building permit applications. Since the elections are imminent and then the contacts no longer may have so much influence, we will submit the building permit applications next Tuesday. Kalinga and Asanka will go to Kalpitiya for this purpose. It is not a cheap thing but necessary and thanks to the help of a dear friend, we can now make this step. Kalinga has already prepared a new banner for the site and they will now hang it up there.


With the sale of the property here in Switzerland it is a slow progress but we did not expect contact from many prospects during the school holiday time. A few came all the same . But it will wok out!

During my travels, it is almost normal that I attain some sort of injury in the course of the journey. And be it with the fast back slashing restroom door or even on my arm with the strap of the backpack! Meanwhile I am prepared and always take paper tissues and plasters with me in my hand luggage. This time all went well as far as Colombo airport. However, when boarding the transfer bus to the airport building I slipped and scraped a lot skin off the front of the lower part of my right leg. I cared for the wound and it was almost healed at the end of my stay and only slightly damp. So just the time to let the fresh air on to it to complete the cure - I thought! Every morning I always got myself a coffee in the kitchen and then I sat out in the sun in the garden. But it was still the rainy season - mostly it rained between 30 and 60 minutes and then often at night. According however, the insects - ants, mosquitoes and flies - were very active. I always shooed them away but did not really realize that they were some times on the wound. This was probably the cause of infection which developed slowly about three days before my return home. On the eve of my return home (departure 03:00) the lower leg was extremely swollen and very, very painful. I could barely walk!

The journey home I managed somehow anyway. However, the flight from Doha to Zurich landed two hours late. I was picked up by dear friends at the airport in Zurich, but was only back home at 6 pm. The practice of my family doctor was already closed. But the next morning I was already with him at 7:30 am. He made it short! I had to go to emergency at hospital as soon as possible! Risk of thrombosis, infection, probably sepsis (blood poisoning)!

It was a lengthy business. Emergency surgery in the afternoon of delivery on Wednesday June 29th in which infected tissue was removed. A total of 5 operations under general anesthesia - the last a skin graft from the right thigh to the now quite large site of infection. Only after the removal of the bandages one really saw the extent of the whole matter:

WS-Leg-1   WS-Leg-2


Although I am since July 23rd back home I still feel not quite fit. The wounds are healing slowly and the swelling also recedes gradually. But I have to really look after myself now. I hope that everything heals without complications. But above all, protection from the sun for the next 12 months in the operated places is imperative!

I really wanted to undertake a short trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai this month - mainly to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which Carla loved so much. But postponed is not abandoned. I can do that at a later time.

But despite setbacks it must go on! If all goes well, I will fly as planned on Friday 12th of August to Sri Lanka and stay until Wednesday 24th of August. But this time recreation is a must!

The next newsletter is sure to come from Sri Lanka.

Until then best wishes from

David with Asanka and Kalinga and all the others as well

Sunday, 26. Juni 2016 - 11. Newsletter 2016 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Liebe FreundeWS-David-AnuraWS

Once again news from Sri Lanka. There is still a lot to do with respect to investigations and planning.

Asanka and I have discussed in detail short and day trips and tours, we plan to offer. The corresponding provisional sites are already switched - But more will be added. We would initially offer no "ready-made" tours, but make, plan and carry out individual trips to the needs and desires of our customers. If one estimates the independence even during holidays, then an individual tour is the perfect program: Experience the jewel island in an individual way! One can then oneself set the priorities - and, for example, decide where you might like to stay a little longer. Enjoys the luxury of a private driver. I had met on one of my first visits an uncle of Asankas, Anoura, who drives a tuk-tuk (Sri Lankan tricycle taxi). A very pleasant person. What I did not know at first was that he already has several years of experience with individual tours for tourists. And he also speaks German! We hope that he will take over this task. We're happy about it! Enjoy a tour by tuk-tuk - really unique. We will of course offer the possibility to enjoy the tour with a more comfortable vehicle.



We also have the "Landscaping" finished as far as possible and already made the first calculations. However, we come to approximately 640 plants, shrubs and trees! With the architecture program I can also simulate plant growth. I was literally shocked! It is clear that one tends, when there is such a selection of superb plants available and at reasonable prices, to plan in too much. I need to reduce the amount of plants otherwise we will have a real jungle after a few years!



I have reported before about Jackfruit. but I did not exactly know how they look inside and how the preparation is. Nimelli has recently shown me. It has similar to oranges a kind of white stuff in between. And the large seeds can to roasted and enjoyed similar to cashews.



On Friday evening Asanka and I accompanied Nimelli and Sumith to a condolence visit. The father of a friend of Sumiths is deceased. He had severe diabetes and his foot had to be amputated. During surgery he got an untreatable infection and died of it. All organs failed! It is in hospitals worldwide the same! If you want to pick up an infection, it works best to go to the hospital! As for me, everything came back again! Carla was several times wrongly or even miss-treated at the Kantonsspital St. Gallen! But it was otherwise an amazing experience. The laying out and the many faithful people. Equally impressive, the ritual afterwards at home. After a visit to a deceased hands and face must be washed before entering the house!


Yesterday we made a day trip. Romesha with the baby and her son Rochaine and Nilmellis son Hiruscha accompanied Asanka and me. On the way we had breakfast.



We then drove to Pinnawella. In Pinnawela there is an elephant orphanage, an interesting experience. You see the elephants at work, observe the feeding of the little giants and accompany them for their daily bath in the river.  Here a few pictures:


Later, we also briefly halted to admire the beautiful scenery and buy some fruit.


The we drove on further to Kandy. The last royal capital of Sri Lanka, forming, together with Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura The Cultural Triangle. One of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka is the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, which at the same time represents one of the most important centers of Buddhism. The Temple was built  in the years 1782 until 1687 and is directly on the Kandy lake “The Sea of Milk”. The interior of the temple is decorated by a magnificent altar and a golden shrine where Buddhas tooth is kept. Every year a ten day festival is celebrated in honor of Buddha, where the tooth is carried through the streets.Here again a few pictures:







But it is also interesting that next to the Buddhist temple a Christian church (although in renovation) is located. Amazingly, four religions live and exist in such a small country peacefully together.

The next newsletter will be coming from Switzerland. Early Tuesday morning (03:00 am) I will be flying back!

Until then best regards from

David mit Asanka, Anoja, Kalinga und allen Anderen auch


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