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Monday, 31st December 2018 - New Years Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

A quick message in the "old" year.

We have optimized the Quantec Fountain. Now the waterjets are at the right height (it was not that easy to construct appropriate nozzles - you can not buy them here) and the lighting is better.

With our "New Year Greetings" we wish everyone a good "jump" in to the New Year and a happy, healthy and blessed 2019.

Until next time in the New Year Love and Light from Kalpitiya from

David and everyone else too

Monday, 24th December 2018 - Christmas Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

As I said might be possible, I am back at Christmas with a picture of the new fountain.

It was close - but it worked out! This morning at 11 clock the pump for the new fountain arrived! We installed before noon, but we had to postpone the "fine tuning" to 4 pm. Rain, rain, rain and strong winds with storm gusts. The rain was partially almost horizontal!


The "jewel" of the new fountain, which stands in front of the entrance of my future home, is the "Quantec Triangle". A triangular glass plate with three huge rose quartz spheres. The little brothers and sisters of the Triangle are part of the Quantec Radionics system that I sold for a company in Germany in Switzerland. The jewel was then made for a festive celebration in Munich. The owners of the company gave us this as a gift for the good cooperation on the occasion of our 25th anniversary of our company in St. Gallen. I took it to Sri Lanka. Again, as with the first fountain, we used shells for the outer walls - I estimate this time around 2'000 - and Thahil and I have created decorative patterns with the different shell types and colors.

Because of the weather-related delay, the light conditions were not optimal to make a video clip. I apologize! Nevertheless, here is the link to our Christmas greeting from Kalpitiya - Christmas greeting.

The song of Cliff Richard is very contemplative and Christmasy. He also sings that Christmas is a time for giving, a time for getting but also a time for forgiving, a time for forgetting. Today one knows how much prayer and positive thoughts can work. There are millions of people on this earth for whom the original meaning of Christmas means a lot and in what they believe and trust. HOPE! Hope for a better tomorrow, a better day, a better week, a better month, a better year, a better future. Take, please, over the holidays a few minutes time to send your positive thoughts and good wishes to people in need!

In this spirit, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David and everyone else too

Thursday, 13th December 2018 - 12th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Probably the last longer newsletter this year from Kalpitiya. This time only a little news.

As I told you last time, the new lawyer is now working to remove Asanka from the company without having to go to court, as the last lawyer said. He then told me after some time that he needed the police case numbers so he could request the files and see them. The first case was in Kalpitiya, the second in Negombo. A police officer here in Kalpitiya promised to get the case numbers - including the case in Negombo - but he needed a week. Ar last, after more than 14 days, I did get the number of the case in Kalpitiya but not that of Negombo. Now I'm waiting for the lawyer to let me know if he really needs the number of the Negombo case.

I have had little experience with lawyers in both Europe and here in Sri Lanka, but so far I have met only one in Europe who was really reliable and fast and here in Sri Lanka only the lawyer in Colombo made a really good impression. Most want to make the cases as complicated as possible and possibly drag them out! That's how they earn more but it costs the customer time and money!

My neighbor Agra Yapa from the Cabanas was here again and we spent a nice evening together. Later, two of his employees joined us - Nadun (third from left) and Kasun. Two very nice young men.


We met again briefly on a second evening. Nadun had his birthday the next day and brought me bananas and cake in the morning! A very nice gesture! Agra left for England again, but returns on February 4th.

The new fountain in front of my house is taking shape but is not finished yet. It's going to look tremendous but we're still waiting for stuff from China that I can not get here like pump, underwater lights etc. But the water pipes are already prepared, the ground as well and the concreting done. Even the "centerpiece" is mounted and the walls are finished, but still have to be decorated with seashells. But I would like to show this only when everything is ready. We hope before Christmas.

QB-1   QB-2   QB-3

We have learned a lot. In the end, Thahil and I will be fountain builder specialists! For example, at the first fountain we took blue swimming pool paint. The water here has a lot of limestone and attacks the color. We are already at the third coat! With this new fountain we took blue-colored cement! And sometimes you can not even think of the simplest solutions! When the first fountain we had problems that we had to prevent with heavy rain that water entered the entire electrical installations. Sometimes we had to go in pouring rain to open the drain cock to drain water! Neither I nor Thahil had thought of an overflow pipe! It was Gayantha in Abu Dhabi, with whom I have regular contact, who came up with it!

It's Advent time and - a bit out of protest and frustration - I have mounted Christmas decorations in and around the guesthouse entrance. These are also admired and appreciated by people of other faiths!

Where I spend Christmas, I do not know yet. Time will tell. But I hope to be able to contact you again before or at Christmas with pictures of the new fountain.

Until then Love and Light from Kalpitiya from 

David and all others as well

Tuesday, 13th November 2018 - 11th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Here is the eleventh newsletter from Sri Lanka this year! Again from Kalpitiya.

The weekend with Nilmini and family almost took place! Almost, because Nilmini and Tharushi could not be with us.

Originally we wanted to go to Kalpitiya on Friday the 2nd of November. But school exams took place all over Sri Lanka on Saturday morning and Hirusha and Tharushi could not be missing. So we rescheduled and wanted to drive on Saturday afternoon. Nilmini is a very dedicated woman like many women in Sri Lanka. She is on the board of her church and in committees of the two schools where the children go to school. Their church is celebrating its 150th anniversary and a commemorative publication is being prepared. Ironically, it was decided on Sunday to take the group photos of all involved. So Nilmini could not be missing and Tharushi did not want to come without her mother.

We finally left at 2 pm and arrived in Kalpitiya shortly after 5 pm after a short stop in Chilaw. Thahil expected us and welcomed us. After a refreshment (chocolate banana drink) I drove them to the cabanas. They freshened up and I picked them up at 18:30. In the meantime I had prepared everything for the evening. They really enjoyed the drinks and the snacks I had made.

NL-SW-1  NL-SW-2

Later I cooked some pasta with a selection of a spicy Bolognese sauce (Sri Lanka style) and a fresh also spicy tomato sauce. The sauces I had in the freezer in stock! That went down well as well! At 11 pm I drove them to the cabanas.

On Sunday morning I picked them up at 9 o'clock. We all enjoyed the morning sun and the lagoon!

NL-SW-3   NL-SW-4   NL-SW-6   NL-SW-7

I showed and explained the buildings to them and then we waited for the boat. I had organized a trip to the small island Udayurputi, which is about 10 km from Kalpitiya.


Everyone enjoyed the boat trip and the boat driver took good care of us.

NL-SW-9   NL-SW-9-1   NL-SW-10

The island Udayurputi is not inhabited to my knowledge but there are apparently many wild animals. But there is a small church and it is a popular destination for outings.

NL-SW-11   NL-SW-12   NL-SW-13

After our return, Hirusha and Malidu went swimming in the lagoon and then appreciated the shower built at the entrance and used it extensively.

NL-SW-14   NL-SW-15

For lunch I made vegetable rice (Thahil bought it in the town to save time) and Chicken Tomato Curry (also from the freezer!).

We started the return journey to Negombo at about 2 pm. We all enjoyed the short trip and were also very lucky with the weather. On Saturday it rained heavily on the way to Kalpitiya between Chilaw and Palaviya but the evening was dry and Sunday was sunny. It is rainy season with us at present! Cooler but not cold as in Europe (during the day 24 ° -25 ° C, at night 22 ° -23 ° C).

We had planned that Nilmini and Tharushi would come on the weekend after that trip, but had to postpone it again. Firstly, Nilmini had to attend a meeting of one of the school committees on Sunday. Then she had to take over her mother unexpectedly. The care of the mother is shared by the three daughters Nilmini, Maureen and Romesha. But Romesha is currently with her husband in Dubai. It has been raining a lot lately and Maureen's house was now under water. So Nilmini had to take over her mother.

After the weekend with Sumith, Hirusha and Malidu, I stayed in Negombo. I had to renew my residence permit. Then on Thursday at 1pm I had an appointment with another lawyer. I went from Negombo to Kalpitiya on Thursday afternoon - with torremtial rain, lightning and thunder! But the weather report says it is now getting better! Since then it was already dry and warmer.

For the second time we have "harvested" bananas. The bananas then ripen on the trunk - from below. So you always get just ripened ones. They taste great! The first cooking bananas are on the way and the first grapes too!

NL-SW-16   NL-SW-17   NL-SW-18

In Sri Lanka, waste is a huge problem. If people buy something to eat, the bag or plastic bag is simply thrown on the ground. Where you are right now! We are constantly freeing the strip between our fence and the road of garbage. Garbage collection does not exist in most places either. You dig a hole in the garden, throw in the garbage and burn it. Also plastic bottles! But there is also a lack of education in this regard. Thahil has learned a lot from me, but if I give his children chocolate bars, for example, they simply throw the packaging on the floor. In an attempt to educate everyone, I have now bought some dustbins and have distributed them on the property. I also wanted to put them in front of the fence (maybe with an inscription "Keep Kalpitiya clean" in English, Sinhalese and Tamil) but Thahil said they would not be there the next day. Tethered or chained would not help either!


We are in the process of constructing another fountain. Maybe more in the next newsletter.

The new lawyer is now working to remove Asanka from the company without having to go to court, as the last lawyer said. Hopefully in the next newsletter we will be able to report success in this regard. Then we can finally file a lawsuit against Kalinga!

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Saturday, 13th Oktober 2018 - 10th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

For the tenth time this year from Sri Lanka! This time again from Kalpitiya.

I'm not further with Kalinga and Co. The day before yesterday I discussed the whole thing again with my new neighbor Agra Yapa and now I tend to sue in court. But before I decide, I also want to consult Dyan Lanza, the minister in Negombo, the friend of my Sri Lanka family and see what he means. He is currently very busy, but should have time for me soon. He could probably has the influence to accelerate such a case. Time will tell!

The problem is that in order to file a lawsuit (my company as a claimant) two directors must sign. There are only two - me and Asanka. Asanka can not sign at the moment because he is "sitting" again. And he refuses to resign as director and secretary so that I can hand over those posts to Nilmini. My lawyer said we needed to clarify this in court. But I have now read our statutes and found a way to settle this without a court. It will be regulated soon!

On the 27th of September I got the announced visit from Switzerland! Not completely, as Christian, the gentleman from Germany, was late on his arrival in Dubai and missed the connecting flight to Colombo. I was at the airport and greeted the two ladies, Stefica (pictured below right) and Maria.


But everything went a bit wrong first! The ladies first wanted to go to the hotel in Colombo, take their room and freshen up. We had arranged it that way before. But the booked and paid hotel transport could not be found at first! Finally they arrived in the hotel but the booked and paid room was not ready. The problem was finally solved but the room did not actually meet the expected standard. (Is almost the oldest, most famous and also the most expensive hotel in Colombo)

I was then at 13 o'clock also in their hotel. However, I had overlooked her message that Stefica had arranged an appointment with the seminar leader at 2 pm. This did not work out! Finally we left at around 14:30.

Shortly after the last newsletter, the car air conditioning stopped working! But I had this repaired as well. We got quite well through the Colombo traffic (horror every time), drove to Negombo and then to Chilaw. Before Chilaw we made a short stop and ate something small in a bakery. It was already dark after Chilaw! Stefica and Maria had already gotten used to the driving style here in Sri Lanka, to which I have also adapted myself. Only at night it is worse! Not least, that's why I wanted to get the trip finished in daylight. Suddenly tractors with trailers appear without lights! The fewest bikes have light at the rear! If so then mostly with only dirty or broken reflectors! Motorcycles drive without lights and sometimes even the tricycles (Tuc-Tucs). And then just on the last stretch between Palavi and Kalpitiya suddenly donkeys (beautiful gray ones!), cows or goats appear on the road. Stefica, who was in front, called out a few times! But finally around 8 pm we arrived safely in Kalpitiya! And Stefica was still alive.

Thahil had eagerly awaited us. The first visit from Europe! Cushions were spread out on all chairs, the music was running and everything was festively lit. I had, before I left the day before, cut fresh papaya, then had to mix it only in the blender and there was fresh papaya juice to welcome them. The ladies admired the waterfall and the fountain and then I drove them to their accommodation. They were excited! Again, from the staff of Agra Yapa a very friendly welcome. Here are some pictures of his hotel.

S&M-2-01-araliya-retreat S&M-2-03  S&M-02-0  

S&M-2-02   S&M-2-02-1

Since we were all pretty tired, we decided to have something to eat with me. Thahil brought "Fried Rice" and bananas in town and I thawed and warmed up some of my chicken curry. Anyway, it all tasted good to everyone!

S&M-012   S&M-013

I then escorted them to the Araliya Retreat at around 11 pm, where Lakshan, the manager, was already awaiting them personally. The next morning I picked up the ladies in their accommodation. They were when I arrived, just enjoying the very ample and tasty breakfast! Then we went back to me where Thahil's whole family was waiting for us and wanted to greet them. Stefica and Maria had Swiss chocolate with them. That was well received! (From left to right: Maria, Passana, Thahil, Stefica, front: Paravin, Passi and sitting Paragat)


I then showed the two the whole buiding site and explained everything. They were very impressed.

I had organized a lagoon tour with Raheem, my neighbor with the fish business. Thahil and his children came too. The weather was wonderful! We made a short stay on a sandbank and then we came back.

 S&M-3   S&M-3-1   S&M-4

S&M-5   S&M-6

We then packed up, said goodbye to all and then started towards Negombo. On the way we stopped at a bakery in Chilaw and ate a snack.


We drove on. Goal: Sumith and Nilmini and family! They all greeted us warmly! Nilmini had baked a cake and there was also fresh papaya, pineapple and bananas. Afterwards, the ladies admired Nilmini's garden with the many varieties of plants.

S&M-8   S&M-9

We then left at about 17 clock to Colombo. Usually a drive of about an hour and 35 minutes. With rain and traffic with traffic jams the journey lasted but more than 3 hours! The return trip was luckily a bit easier but I was only at 22 o'clock again in Negombo, where I stayed at Nilminis place.

But we all enjoyed the two days. Stefica and Maria later wrote me the following:

"In Kalpitiya, you have found a beautiful and magical place to create your new home and a place for all of us, you feel like you're in another world, nature is pure and fresh every day, people are friendly, always smiling and helpful.The fresh water is cleansing for soul and mind.The pure air is life-giving and body-healing all the time. The sun opens your eyes and brings joy to your life every day." Thank you both!

The crows here are a real scourge! My sister-in-law said that artificial crows could help keep the "real" ones away. Gayantha said hanging  up old CDs (which reflect the light) or plastic bags would be a possible solution. Searching the Internet for "artificial crows", I came across the term "scarecrow". Reminiscences of my childhood in England in the countryside were awakened! We started with Gayanthas idea, developed it further and finally refined it. The last variant can almost be described as an art object. Anyway, it is at least decorative! And the 7 scarecrows work!

SC-1   SC-2   SC-3

I had planned to invite Nilmini and her family (Nilmini, Sumith, Hirusha, Tharussi and Malidu) to Kalpitiya last month. But we had to postpone it. Now they are coming on 2nd, 3th and 4th of November. Then everyone is free. I'm looking forward to it!

In the next newsletter we will report about their visit and hopefully we will have news regarding the construction. 

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Thursday, 13th September 2018 - 9th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Already the ninth newsletter this year from Sri Lanka. This time again from Kalpitiya, although tomorrow I'll probably have to go back to Negombo to see the lawyer.

As I told you last time, my demands have arrived, as noted in my attorney's letter to Kalinga from Colombo. Kalinga had confirmed the receipt of the letter. His lawyer has since intervened. Kalinga denies everything. From A to Z! I went to Colombo to my lawyer last Saturday to discuss everything. Proof of breach of contract, etc., we have enough. But if we initiate a "normal" legal dispute, Asanka (he is still director and secretary) would have to sign but he is currently unavailable. To be able to replace him wit Nilmini, he would also have to sign his resignation. According to my lawyer in Negombo, we can not replace him without his signature unless we file suit in court. And this not only costs money, but above all time. And here the mills of justice grind very slowly. In a "normal" legal dispute, we would have to expect at least two years for a verdict and backpayment! But I could file a complaint with the police and CID, then it will be a criminal case for fraud etc. That would be faster. Yesterday I discussed the whole thing with my new neighbor Agra Yapa, but I am still not sure what to do. Before I decide, I also want to consult Dyan Lanza, the minister in Negombo, the friend of my Sri Lanka family and see what he means. Time will tell!

There are no coincidences. It's all determined! I mentioned earlier that Asanka's grandfather had his birthday on the same day as me. I know the birthdays of almost all my "family members" except the grandmother's. Nobody knew. Not herself either!


Now Nilmini has discovered the marriage certificate of her parents. There was also her mother's birthday - November 22, 1940! Carla also had her birthday on the 22nd of November! Everyone was surprised and impressed. Lakshitha said "now I know why you are here"!

On August 23, I received a surprise visit - from Australia! The receptionist of a hotel about 30 minutes from Kalpitiya called me one morning and told me somebody wanted to talk to me. He passed the phone on. Someone then spoke to me in Swiss German and asked if they could visit me. I was so surprised that I simply said "yes". About an hour later, two couples stood in front of me. Three people were Swiss, one gentleman was Australian! It then turned out that they were friends of a friend of mine, Heini Schnorf from Winterthur, who lived for several years in Australia. They had told him that they wanted to visit Sri Lanka and he gave them my address. It was a short visit but I was pleased to meet them. On the 27th of September I get a visit from Switzerland and Germany. I'm glad! More about that but only in the next newsletter.

Not least for that reason I have had my car repaired a bit. It had suffered a bit from Asanka and me and had some bumps and scratches on it. I could get these repaired here in Kalpitiya. Then the shock absorbers suffered because of the roads here and had to be replaced. This was done yesterday in Palavi. Everything at extremely low prices!


We had to remove our water hyacinths. They have suffocated the beautiful water lilies. The day before yesterday we were in Chilaw and got new ones.

They are already blooming!


In Chilaw we also visited a shop. I always drove past on the way to Negombo and now I had the opportunity to take a closer look. Since the car repairs were cheaper than I had expected, I could afford something. Now we have two new "guards" at the entrance gates. We made two podiums today and installed the two. Thahil also enjoys "our lions".

Lions-1   Lions-3

Lions-4 Lions-5

Our first bananas are maturing and we will be able to enjoy them soon!

   Bananas-21  Bananas-22

I plan - if all goes well - to invite Nilmini and her family (Nilmini, Sumith, Hirusha, Tharussi and Malidu) to Kalpitiya next weekend. Malidu is the brother of Nilmini's brother-in-law, who is currently with them over the weekend. They wanted to come for a long time.

Hopefully, in the next newsletter, we will finally be able to report on construction progress! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Sunday, 12th August 2018 - 8th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Here is the eighth newsletter from Sri Lanka this year. This time from Negombo, which I use as a base do a few things from.

My "Sri Lanka Family" had planned a weekend trip to Madhu and asked me to come along too. We were 10 adults and 7 children. They had rented a minibus but so that they had a bit more space I took my car as well. We left on Saturday, July 22 at 2 o'clock in the morning and arrived at 7 o'clock in Madhu.

Actually, it was planned and organized that we could use Dyan Lanza's house like last time. But the week before, craftsmen were in the house and when they left, they locked up and accidentally took the keys with them to Negombo! Luckily we were allowed to use the house next door. Only this had much less comfort than Dyan's house. Not even mattresses! Sri Lankans are used to sleeping on the concrete floor, if they have no choice. I preferred to sleep in the car! We were also in the beautiful church, which is always well visited.

Mdhu-1   Mdhu-2   Mdhu-3

On Saturday evening, I got a call from my co-worker Thahil. "Coconut down"! At first I thought he had been hit by a falling coconut. Nilmini then talked to him and created clarity. One of our two King Coconut Palm trees had not withstood the wind, fell down and dragged the electric wire with it and blocked the whole road. The tree was something special, as it had 4 branches at the top. Many people have photographed it.

KK-1  KK-2 KK-3

I actually wanted to go back to Negombo from Madhu and then back to Kalpitiya on Monday, but I went back to Kalpitiya on Sunday. Luckily, the tree fell on the road where it was possible to drive around it. On Monday, however, Thahil and I completely "liberated" the road. In the afternoon, finally, the people from the power station came and mended the line. We were without electricity for almost 48 hours! My deepfreezer was amazingly good but it was almost full. And the more there is in such a case, the longer the temperature will hold.

KK-4   KK-5

We've had a lot of wind in Kalpitiya lately. The housing for the construction workers has stood up to it but the makeshift toilet in a back corner of the property, which consisted of corrugated metal sheets and plastic sheeting, did not. It collapsed! Later, however, as we will need a restroom for staff maintaining the property, Thahil and a bricklayer did something proper with cement blocks.


About 200 m further down the road is a small area with three cabanas (bungalows). I had never seen the owner. Recently he came over, as a letter to me was mistakenly delivered to him and introduced himself. His name is Agra Yapa, one year younger than me, born here in Sri Lanka, but lived in England for 50 years. He also invited me to the opening. It was a nice evening, we talked a lot and I won a friend. We promised to help each other. He also experienced a lot during the construction period! He went back to England after the opening (his wife and daughter are still there at the moment) but returns in September.

Bung-1  Bung-2  Bung-3

My demands, which are recorded in the letter of my lawyer to Kalinga, have been delivered. Kalinga has confirmed receipt of the letter and told my lawyer that we will hear from his lawyer. Now it's time to practice patience again, as the next week will be court holidays.

Lakshitha is on vacation here from Dubai and we have spent some of his time to get some work done. We were in Colombo for a whole day and scourged immigration (visa), tax authorities and tourist ministry. A tedious thing! In addition, the laws and regulations are constantly being changed. I had considered the possibility of applying for dual nationality and accepting Sri Lanka citizenship. It would have simplified many things. This was when I inquired at the beginning possible. Suddenly not anymore!

Hopefully, in the next newsletter, we will finally be able to report on construction progress! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Friday, 13th July 2018 - 7th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Already the seventh newsletter this year from Sri Lanka. There is not much to report this time.

The damage to the electrical installations as a result of the lightning we have now almost completely eliminated. Finally, we had to replace a few hundred meters of the electrical wiring. We have now also finished installing the new water pump for the fountain. There were some problems. With only one pipe, the water came out "swirled" and sprayed in all directions. Even after solving the vortex problem, the water jet was so high that with the high winds we sometimes have here in Kalpitiya, the basin of the fountain was almost empty within a few hours!


Luckily, I have always been inventive for such challenges and have also found a solution. We designed something! Now we have five water jets! And we can regulate these thanks to a regulation on the middle tube depending on the wind. Either all the waterjets are the same height, or the middle one higher or the four outer ones alone.

Fountain-2   Fountain-3   Fountain-4

Actually, almost more beautiful than before. So the "bad luck" also had its positive side. But that has always been my attitude in life, that every negative situation has its positive side.

We are still waiting for the delivery of the underwater lights coming from China and currently at customs. TNT proves to be much less reliable than in Europe. When these and one spot lamp are installed, we are done with the renewal of the exterior lighting!

We also started to finish the things that Kalinga should have done. With the help of the electrician Inshaf, we have finished installing the surveillance cameras of the CCTV system. Now we have the better overview - (on the screen from top left) entrance gate, guest house, main house and back side with stairs to the first floor.

 CCTV-1   CCTV-2   CCTV-3

The next thing will be the posts of the entrance gates!

In the last few days we had - to the great pleasure of the kite surfers - very high winds.


Our work is literally beginning to bear fruit. One of our many banana trees already bears the first bloom. Fascinating how it develops daily.

  Bananas-1   Bananas-2   Bananas-3

Also beautiful are our water hyacinths at the waterfall. But they are not so popular in many places, because they multiply so fast. They can even cover entire lakes and rivers. They double their surface within two weeks! We had to remove a couple of times already.

 Water-Hyacithes-1   Water-Hyacithes-2

At 5 pm on July 5th, I had an appointment with my new lawyer, Chathura Galhena, in Colombo. We discussed the situation with Kalinga & Co. for an entire hour and decided what to do next. In the meantime, Chathura has drafted a contract termination letter and sent it to me for review via email. He has now integrated my amendments and the letter is now being delivered. Kalinga & Co. have 14 days to pay the demanded amount back. Otherwise we will go to court!

Hopefully, in the next newsletter, we will finally be able to report on construction progress! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and all others as well

Tuesday, 12th June 2018 - 6th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The sixth newsletter this year from Sri Lanka. This time again as usual in the second week of the month. There is a lot to report this time but unfortunately not much which is enjoyable!

I had to go to Negombo on Tuesday, May 22nd. The statue of the Virgin Mary makes the rounds again in the quarter and is on Tuesday with Nilmini in her house. Nilmini had invited me to be there. It came differently. Here are some pictures that Hirusha took for me.

VM-1  VM-2  VM-3

The drive to Negombo was a horror trip! You have probably heard of the storms that hit Sri Lanka at that time. There was flooding at Madampe. People were knee-deep to hip-deep in the water! The streets were flooded and only trucks and buses - and I - dared to drive through. It worked but in the end I was ankle deep in water - inside the car! And my backpack with my laptop in it and the camera bag were on the floor of the car. My laptop was pretty damp and I had to let it dry for a few hours first, but it still works even though the screen is still damp. Here are some pictures as well.

MF-1  MF-2  MF-3

The next shock came on Wednesday morning. Thahil called. The lightning had struck our place! It is still not clear when this happened. He spoke first of Tuesday evening, then of Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock then again at 8 o'clock. Then first the whole district was without electricity, then again it was only with us. I instructed him to get an electrician. Later, the electrician reported all wires were blown and must be replaced. We have agreed that he first mends one lamp on the first floor and sets up two outlets on the ground floor. A socket for my laptop, modem printer etc. and a second for fridge and freezer. I had a lot of precooked, portioned and frozen stuff - chicken, beef and pork curry, sauces and had otherwise filled the freezer completely. The advantage - the more in it, the longer the temperature keeps or drops slower. The disadvantage - the greater the loss, if for a long time no cooling takes place. But I did not realize that nothing had come to harm until I was back in Kalpitiya. But it was a bad time!

But the damage to other things was quite big! Three computer monitors, DVD player, amplifier and TV have stopped working. The DVD player could be repaired. Hitachi TV and two of the three monitors (1 of them Philipps), however, not yet. I might try it in Negombo. The two mentioned brands are not well represented here. Our electrician Inshaf has done a good job now. He had to replace the main switch box, sockets, switches and wires.

The "old" main switchboard, the new main switch box, the damage to the electrical installations at the fountain

Blitz-1   Elekt-1   Elekt2-

Almost all exterior lamps and electrical installations are damaged. The day before yesterday I renewed and repaired all the installations at the fountain and the waterfall and the four lamps near the fountain. At least the water pump still works at the waterfall. Yesterday, however, I realized that the fountain pump is not working anymore and needs to be replaced. Now we have noticed that the middle one of our beautiful group of three palm trees was also struck by lightning. It probably will not recover from it!


The tragic thing is that Kalinga and his workers are to blame. Both our electrician and the engineer have severely criticized the electrical installations. Kalinga will have to pay for this too! The engineer (see below) also stated in his report:


"Electrical - Electrical installation is not done properly. Lightning protector is a must for the water tank as it is the tallest building in the area Main switch box is not earthed. As a result, most electrical appliances have been damaged during a thunderstorm."

I am no longer satisfied with my previous lawyer. Gayantha was very helpful to find a new one and he gave me an appointment at short notice. Exactly on the Tuesday evening when I should have been at Nilminis. However, his office is in Colombo. After meeting Chathura, my new lawyer, it was clear that we could not continue with Kalinga. In the meantime, the cement slab in the guesthouse has developed cracks and the lawyer has also described the other quality defects as serious. We have now had an engineer write a report about the quality of the work. With this report, we will be able to sue him not only for breach of contract but due to the inferior work for fraud. A breach of contract, delay and minor quality defects would lead to a civil suit and even if we were to be given right, it could take years to get the money back. Fraud, on the other hand, will lead to a police investigation, prosecution and the whole could well be done in two to three months. Me and my lawyer are confident.

We have prepared a website on our homepage, but have not yet made it accessible to all. Here one can get an idea of the bad work that Kalinga has done. Also the report of the engineer is there to read

You can already see us in Google Earth (far right in the picture) -,79.76817972,9.73676152a,738.85449258d,35y,58.01866394h,0t,0r/data=ClAaThJGCiUweDNhZmQwY2U5MDUyOWFjNGQ6MHg1NThmNmI3MTkwMWUwNzcwGQMHtHQFdyBAIUo1_SMd8VNAKgtIb3NwaXRhbCBSZBgBIAEoAg

Google-Earth   Good! Is'nt it!?

Now we have to continue with the repairs. Even the tent suffered from the storms! We also have to do some repairing there as welll!

Hopefully, in the next newsletter, we will finally be able to report on construction progress! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and all others as well

Friday, 18th May 2018 - 5th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The fifth newsletter this year from Sri Lanka. This time again for various reasons with some delay. There is a lot to report about but unfortunately not much regarding the construction!

To make it short. Asanka is gone again! It just did not work. He thought he could deal with his problem alone. He does not succeed. He needs professional help and rehabilitation, but he is extremely negative and thinks that it won't help anyway. Not a good situation. Let's see!

Still unpleasant is the situation with the general contractor. I have not yet been able to discuss the situation with my lawyer and I'm still undecided whether I should continue with Kalinga or to sue him for breach of contract. Reasons enough I would have, but it all costs time.

I recently examined the quality of our well water with a test kit which I brought with me. Chloride, iron, copper, sulfate, etc. are equal to zero. The pH-value is in the low tolerance range. Only the lime values ​​are very high but tolerable. But it also explains the limescale deposits in the bathroom and the fountain and the fountain pump, which we regularly have to clean and decalcify. The result of the coli bacteria test was very pleasing. Completely negative. Nevertheless, we do not recommend drinking the water, although the locals do.


Finally, since the railing with the ladders on the water tank construction are mounted, we have finally been able to clean the water tank. Limestone is really a problem here but there are good decalcifiers especially for water tanks. But it is not a completely simple and undangerous task. I left it to Thahil!

WT-1   WT-2  

WT-3   WT-4

I have made a collage of photos of leaves and flowers because of my pleasure and joy of them.


Although nothing else is going on at the construction site, Thahil and I were still busy! In accordance with my ideas and plans, we realized seating groups fby the water tank construction and the fountain. The areas were first enclosed, prepared, then poured with concrete and finally finished with a green concrete coating. After careful consideration, I decided for concrete garden furniture. They are much less susceptible to weather damage than wood furniture and also require less maintenance. In addition, we were able to consider a business here in Kalpitiya. We have made two areas with two chairs to the left and right of the fountain and in front of the fountain with a view of the fountain and the lagoon in the background an area with two benches - photo with a proud Thahil. Tables, umbrellas, cushions and lamps are not missing!

 SP-1   SP-2   SP-3

SP-4      SP-6   SP-7


At the water tank construction, we have set up a larger table with four chairs. This serves on the one hand as a meeting place for excursions etc. and on the other hand as a place to be able to deposit clothes and bath towels when you go swimming in the lagoon. Here also parasol and lamp are not missing and we also have built a shower (in the background in the photo), so you can take a shower, when you come from swimming.


Some things still have to be finished and painted but it looks pretty good now. Again places where one can relax in the evening.

In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to report on progress on the construction site at last!
Until then, greetings from
David, Asanka and everyone else too

Monday, 16th April 2018 - 4th Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The fourth newsletter of the new year from Sri Lanka. This time for some reasons with some delay. A lot has happened and but also not!

Last time I forgot to mention that we now have a bike as well. That of Thahil is now at the scrap dealer! One could not fix it anymore. We bought it second-hand in Puttalam very cheap, a little renovating, equipped with new handles and saddle, provided with a billboard and now it looks quite decent. It belongs to the company but for the time being Thahil can use it for his way to work.


Asanka is back! His sister Nadeesha thwarted Lakshitha's and my plans and got him out of jail. She got him out and paid the lawyer's fees but then left him to himself. A disaster! On Monday, March 12th he just turned up at the building site in the afternoon! Despite everything, I did not have the heart to just put him on the street. That would have been his complete ruin. He asked to come back and promised improvement. I suspected that he had been using drugs in prison as well and was not yet "clean". As he confessed to me later, I was right. It's the same in all prisons in the world. Where influence and money are, you get EVERYTHING. Already on the third day here he relapsed and then I kicked him out. He went to Negombo. Gayantha, who works in Abu Dhabi, contacted him. He is actually Asanka's best friend and has a great influence on him. He talked him and appealed to his conscience. After that Gayantha begged me to give him another chance. At the moment it is going quite well. He works with me and or Thahil, does the laundry, cooks, cleans, washes, etc. He has, it seems, changed very much for the better. Let's see how it goes!

The Easter holidays are celebrated here, as I already reported last year. Good Friday is the big holiday.

This year we did not go to Negombo. Not least, because Asanka has too many wrong friends there and it was too early! Asanka and I attended a mass in a small neighboring village of Kalpitiya - Palakuda. A comparatively large church for such a small village. The mass took place outside and the park in front of the church with an old tree population was packed - Asanka and I estimated about 1000 people. A highlight for me was a swarm of crickets with their "singing". They suddenly took over the trees, stayed a while and then slowly withdrew. They reminded me of God's Cricket Chorus - a well-known recording of this "singing". ( A nice custom on this day is the distribution of food packages to the needy - on behalf of the deceased. In our case, the mother of Asanka and my deceased wife. We distributed 30 packages.

Easter-1   Easter-2   Easter-3

Last Friday and Saturday were New Year's days in Sri Lanka. Friday Tamil, Saturday Singhalese. We went to Negombo on Thursday. On Friday we went with the whole family including grandmother to the basilica near Colombo. Nilmini drove with a group of women from her church. Dumith and Anurhadi with daughter Mary with their car. We took auntie Maureen, grandmother and Mariacell with daughter Thara. The basilica is really worth seeing. In the middle of a forest with old trees. Everything is planted, watered and lit up at night and, above all, everything is well-kept and clean. Unfortunately a rarity in Sri Lanka. It was only finished in 1979. But it is constantly being expanded. Only in February of this year, a new chapel was added. He is normal to picnic on the church grounds! Maureen had brought lunch for everyone.

NatF-1   NatF-2   NatF-3   NatF-4

NatF-5   NatF-6   NatF-7   NatF-8


Much less gratifying is the situation with the general contractor. Nothing is going on since the sand / cement event on March 1st. Finally, I suspended the contract, set up a third agreement in consultation with my lawyer, which puts pressure on him and sets deadlines for completion, and my lawyer submitted it to him. Kalinga submitted this agreement to his lawyer and finally came to Kalpitiya on Monday, April 9th to "discuss" it. But he did not even mention this new agreement, which I had set up with much energy and time! He has just made his demands. He needed more time, could not continue work until after 40 days and could not name a completion date. Regarding the latter he would first have to consult his father and would let me know in the evening or the next day. (I have no answer yet). In addition, he was not ready to pay any compensation for the delay! Unfortunately, no contractual penalty for delay is recorded in the contract but a court would certainly set one. He has also claimed that, for example, the tiles for the Sundeck are not included. But I have been able to show him that these are precisely defined in the contract. He gave up in in the end. Two other points will also lead to differences because they are not well defined. There were very heated discussions and I threatened with a lawsuit! Finally, I said I would think it over. I wanted to consult with my lawyer Shantha Niriella when we were in Negombo, but because of the New Year celebrations, he was not available. I will try to contact him this week and discuss with him how we proceed.

Despite all the trouble there are also beautiful moments in Kalpitiya. There have been heavy rain showers in the evenings of the past few days and sometimes lightning and thunder. Accordingly, there were natural spectacles like this rainbow.


In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to report on progress on the construction site! 

Until then, greetings from 

David, Asanka and everyone else too

Sunday, 11th March 2018 - 3rd Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The third newsletter in the new year from Sri Lanka. How time flies!

Work on the construction site continues to be very slow. Although the walls at the front of the guesthouse and partly also inside have been made, the windows to the left and right of the entrance are at different heights. The outside staircase-railing of the water tank construction has finally been installed. But the quality in both cases by no means the promised one!

 Guesthouse  Railing

I shared my opinion with Kalinga and his father! On Thursday, March 1, there was a real crisis! It is regulated here that it is strictly forbidden to use sand from the construction site for the cement mixture. This is in fact not pure and contaminated by cows, donkeys, goats and birds and also very saline. You have to buy the sand from a hardware store and where the sand is allowed to be mined is also regulated. Lakshitha has suggested to both me and Thahil to take care accordingly.

On that Thursday it came to this real crisis. Thahil was with his wife for a medical check-up in Puttalam. At ten o'clock Kalinga's father arrived with four workers and four sacks of cement. Probably Kalinga's father thought that I did not know about this sand ruling. Anyhow, I noticed that they used sand from the construction site during the first cement mix. I photographically documented all of this and also took a sample of the cement mixture. There was a row! I will not be cheated! I paid for the right sand and quality! In the end, as Lakshitha had advised, I called the police. Kalinga's father and the workers should have reported to the police station at 5:00 pm. But they all returned to Negombo in the afternoon.

I drove to Negombo on Saturday and spent an hour with my lawyer Shantha Niriella in the evening. At first we thought that we had no choice but to process. But this would cost a lot of effort and a lot of time. We have agreed that we will give Kalinga and his father a very last chance. However, we will nail them down properly in a third agreement. For example, once the contract has been signed, work on the construction site must be resumed within three days. There must always be at least four workers on site. For example, if two go away for a free day or two, they must be replaced. Otherwise, there are hefty penalties, which I will take into account in the final settlement. Many other provisions are also recorded. I have for the completion (contractually originally 15.04.2018) granted an extension of 14 days. At the same time, however, I have fixed the amount of the penalty in case of delay. I put everything in a written suggestion to Shantha. He just has to make a legal document with it. He will contact Kalinga and his father. Let's see!

But enough negative things! Now for the more positive part!

With the planting it continues. This plant


is actually a weed! But it blooms so beautifully in pink and white that we have left it everywhere and even outside the fence on the street side want to plant them instead of using expensive plants that could possibly be stolen.

We have even in the last week prepared all planters (40 pieces!), which we want to place on the terraces of the two houses. We got the planters in Palaviya and the plants at the nursery in Norochcholai. This gives the plants enough time to grow. But we had to drive twice!


In the last newsletter, we wrote about a new project that Thahil and I had started. There was a big depression behind the main house (far right in the picture below) - where the fishermen cleaned their nets and we took many of the shells for the fountain - which looked rather desolate and unsightly.


What do you do with it and what do you need? First ideas! Then you need

a traktor-load of  voll rock stones   Stones  and cement

Next you need: PVC film PVC  a lot of contakt-adhesive  Glue  and a lot of work! An intermediate step to success:


Now a place of tranquility has been born, where you can relax, meditate or enjoy a drink to the soft sound of the waterfall and music from the built-in speakers! All around is also already planted and a bench and table are already there.

 Pond-1.0  Pond-1-1

 Pond-2-0  Pond-2-1

At dusk and in the evening something really special!

Pond-2-2  Pond-3

Pond-4  Pond-5

The tractor with the stones did not get far from the entrance because of the sand. We had to get back the "Boys" to "relocate" the stones about 100 meters away. The biggest difficulty, however, was the PVC film. I did not get a piece in one piece in this size. After all, about 8 X 11 meters! Finally, we found PVC rolls with a width of 90 cm and had to glue them together in layers. Another problem was the remaining sharp-edged shells. We cleared away most of them, but we did not manage all. Of course, these are boring through the film. Nevertheless, the film is quite waterproof. Evaporation naturally occurs in the heat and wind too. But in the morning and in the evening half an hour refill is not a problem, especially since we had planned a water inlet. Finding the right water pump was not easy, but now with a capacity of 17,000 liters per hour we have the right one.

Since the emergence of the pond and the waterfall, more and more beautiful birds are visiting, including an egret and even a peahen!

Bird-Egret  Pfau

Our "plantation" thrives and the kitchen garden already delivers - tomatoes, cucumbers and chilies! Recently we hired one of the fishermen "Rikass" to get down the fruits of one of our coconut trees. This climbing would be nothing for me! The 30 fruits I brought Nilmini in Negombo. She had great joy! It is the basic ingredient of the kitchen here.

Rikass-1  Rikass-2  Rikass-3

In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to report on progress on the construction site! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Sunday, 11th February 2018 - 2nd Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The second newsletter in the new year from Sri Lanka.

The work on the cement slab took place as announced in the last newsletter. There were about ten workers and they really worked hard. They left around 6am in Negombo and arrived at Kalpitiya at 9:30. Then everything was prepared and the cement mixing machine set up and put into operation. Then it really started!

Slab-Work-1  Slab-Work-2  Slab-Work-3

They worked through and were finished the next morning at 5 o'clock in the morning!

Slab-Work-4  Slab-Work-5  Slab-Work-6  Slab-Work-7

Thahil then took over the daily "watering" because Kalinga had organized nothing. This is very important here, so that the cement does not dry too quickly and cracks occur.

Lakshitha made a lightning visit to Negombo. On the one hand, he had to do various things in connection with a land purchase, on the other hand, he wanted to help me again. After the cement slab work, nothing happened on the construction site again and the date for the completion and handover is getting closer and closer - namely according to the contract the15th of April! We then consulted my lawyer, Shantha Niriella, and he organized a meeting with Kalinga and Kalinga's father. Shantha Niriella has made it clear to both of them that if they fail to comply with the contract, they will face great difficulties and compensation claims. At the meeting on Saturday, 20 January, the two promised a timely completion and handover and that the construction will be continued at the end of January / beginning of February. But nothing has happened yet. Well, there were the preparations for the elections, which are a big thing here and which took place yesterday. Kalinga has promised that the wooden struts should be removed from the cement slab today. But it is already the second named appointment. I'm curious! If nobody comes, we will have to try with our lawyer again.

I had to go back to Kalpitiya on the Sunday after the meeting. Fahim, the son of our neighbor Raheem got married on tuesday and I was invited as "very good friend" together with Thahil to the welcome lunch. A real honor and for me further proof that I am accepted. For me the first Muslim wedding. There women and men eat separately! Raheem wanted to place us in a separate room at a table. I did not want to. I also sat down with the others on the floor. Not easy with my back problems but it was nice! The invitation, group photo (behind from the left and then front) - Thahil, Raheem, the groom Fahim, Thahil's son Passi and ?. Then at lunch - me, Faruk's son and Faruk (hardware dealer), two nice guys, Passi.

Wedding-3  Wedding-1  Wedding-2

The solar lights have not proven themselves. They are still underdeveloped and do not work properly or not at all after a relatively short time. So we switched to normal current, laid cables and fitted new lamps. At the same time, we installed spots for lighting the palm leaves from below. We have replaced the three solar underwater lamps for the fountain lighting with eight 12 volt 10 watt LED lights.

WS-Palmrees   WS-Fountain

We found a great plant nursery in Norochcholai (20 minutes by car) with a huge selection and purchased and planted more plants. In a few months, everything will already be growing well and larger. The Bougainvillea are already twice the size.

Plant-Nursery   Pflanzen   Bourgonvilea

The fruit plants thrive splendidly Three mango trees are already blooming and the papayas and bananas are growing fast.

Mango   Papayas   Bananas

Thahil and I have started a new project. There is behind the main house (far right in the picture below) a larger depression - where the fishermen cleaned their nets and where many of the seashells for the fountain were - which looks rather devastated and unsightly.


Let's see what it looks like in the next newsletter!

In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to report further progress on the construction site! 

Until then, greetings from 

David and everyone else too

Wednesday, 10th January 2018 - 1st Newsletter 2018 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

The first newsletter of the new year from Sri Lanka. First of all, we would like to send all of you all the best wishes for a successful, happy and healthy New Year.

I spent the Christmas days in Negombo with Nilmini, Sumith and family. However, the prelude was already on 11 December when a "Carol Service" (Christmas Carols Concert) took place in the church Hirushas School. Hirusha has asked me to advertise in the program booklet and made a point that I go too. I accompanied Nilmini because she is on the board of the school. Here are pictures from the program, concert and church:

Carol Service-Progr-1   Carol Service-Progr-2   Carol-Service-2   Carol-Service-1      

Christmas is celebrated here highly - also from the other religions! Christmas trees, cribs in every house and every corner. Pictures of the Christmas tree and nativity scene at Nilminis and a large crib across the road from the kiosk next door:

Christm-1   Christm-2   Christm-3   Christm-4

For the cribs, the baby Jesus is not placed at the beginning, but only on the 25th of December. A nice custom, I think, and actually correct!

It is different everywhere! Here the midnight Mass takes place on Christmas Eve already at 22 o'clock. I went with "my" family. In a different church than usual, because there Lakshithas daughter Thara participated in the procession dressed as an angel. We were there early and just managed to get seats in the church. In the church were about 250 people - and outside again about 800! No problem with the Christmas weather here! Here are some impressions:

HA-1   HA-2   HA-3

Our "Plantation" in Kalpitiya thrives and grows! The fence on the lagoon side Thahil and I have now finished and also cleared the front. Now further plantings can be made. The irrigation system will now be optimized with a few more sprinklers.

Plalntage   Banana-Plants   Fence

Concerning the construction, Lakshitha and I had to take harder measures, so that we can finally go forward again. We have threatened our general contractor with a charge for breach of contract. And Sri Lankans, who "shit" foreigners are punished especially hard! That worked! We had the authorization. That's what my lawyer Shantha Niriella confirmed. This confirmed, has also a quality control, which was conducted last Sunday by a friend of Lakshitha with his colleague. As soon as the report is received, our general contractor will be confronted with it. Such a weekly quality control is part of the contract and has never been fulfilled despite three registered letters. We will also deduct the costs from the last payment to the general contractor, as well as for other things. Now the preparations for the pouring of the concrete slab of the guest house including tubes for the electrical lines are almost completed, sand and stones have been delivered and tomorrow Thursday it should start!

Slab_05-01-18   Sand-Stones

In the next newsletter we will hopefully be able to report further progress!  

Until then, greetings from  

David and Asanka and everyone else too

Tuesday, 5th December 2017 - 13th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Another newsletter and again at the beginning of the month. The "rainy season" here in Kalpitiya is still going on! Partly with strong winds and storms. The feared and unexpected lack of weather resistance of the windows of the water tank construction has unfortunately been confirmed. More about the unpleasant situation of building below. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, but this time also enjoyable things, which leads to a slightly longer newsletter than usual.

Our fountain is finished! I say "ours" because Thahil has really helped a lot, even with ideas. He also loves it. I named it "The Thousnds of Seashells Fountain". There are actually more than 2,500 shells! Thahil has even made flowers with shells at the bottom of the fountain, which serve as supports for the underwater lamps. We have installed a power line for the pump from the water tank construction to the fountain and also the cables for four waterproof loudspeakers placed around the fountain.

 Fountain-7   Fountain-8   Fountain-9

Out of sheer joy of its finishing we made a small invitation for the inauguration. We only invited the neighbors to our left and right. But the neighbor Rahim, who runs a fish trade and to which the fishermen come with their catch, we also know. And they came too! Even the boys who helped build the fountain. Also Auntie and Uncle (explanation for these names below) came from next door, although he cannot walk very well. She took over the distribution of drinks and food without being asked! Rahim's son Ishara did not want to be photographed alone in front of the fountain. So I jumped in! It was a really nice evening!

   Fount-Celebr-1   Fount-Celebr-2   Fount-Celebr-6

Especially at night, the fountain with the underwater lighting and the changing colors looks really beautiful! And Thahil has already done some planting.

Fount-Celebr-7   Fount-Celebr-8  Fount-Celebr-9

We also installed a water inlet for the well afterwards in connection with the irrigation system. Since the wind and the sun quickly lead to a reduced water level, this simplifies the filling.


II requested a quote from a Colombo company for the irrigation system. They wanted 623,000 rupees for the material and the pop-up sprinklers alone! Without work and transport costs. And the Rain Bird sprinklers came from Vietnam. Probably copies. But, I requested the offer as a European! Thanks to the help of the CID man, who knew a hardware business, I got the PVC material at  good price. I ordered the sprinklers from Amazon. They came with DHL from Seattle. Eight days after the order they were already with me. The total cost including the work of Thahil came to about 100,000 rupees. Around CHF 700! The irrigation system is now almost completely installed. We have laid a total of over 400 m PVC tube! And it works fine!

  Sprinkler-2    Sprinkler-3

Now we would actually be ready to start planting. But there is still no fence on the lagoon side, although Kalinga has been promising this for months and this is also part of the construction contract. Now, Thahil and I, in consultation with Lakshitha, who co-ordinates the negotiations with Kalinga's father, will do this ourselves and then have to "decorate" it with braided palm leaves later. We will then deduct our expenses from the final installment, provided we continue to work with Kaliga's father. Last Tuesday, Thahil and I drove to a nursery in Chilaw. This is not far from his birthplace and he knows the owner. Now we have bought plants! Mango 9X (three different varieties), Guavas 3X, Avocado 3X, Limes 3X, Lemons (seedless) 3X, Oranges 3X, Grapes 5X, Carambola 3X, Mandarins 3X and Ambilla 3X (the Sri Lankan Wild Cherry - if you want to know more http: // Also 50 kg compost and special fertilizer. All together just over CHF 100! Later we will buy bananas and papaya in Kalpitiya and Norochcholai. Also at a low price. Now everything has to grow and grow. No big problem with the climate here and the good irrigation.

An explanation to "Auntie and Uncle" (aunt and uncle) above. It is common in Sri Lanka that when you talk to someone older than yourself whose name you do not know, you simply use "Auntie" for women and "Uncle" for men. If they are the same age "Ake" (brother) and "Aki" (sister). For foreigners or tourists, however, "Madam" or "Sir" is common. I recently visited the local supermarket. The owner knows me and always greets me. When I finished my shopping, I went to the cashier. The owner stood a few feet away and talked to another customer. Suddenly he called to me "Uncle, where is your son?". With "son" he meant of course Asanka. I told him that Asanka was in Negombo. But that he addressed me as "Uncle", I thought was very nice. It testifies in my eyes a certain acceptance! So I'm well on the way to being accepted in Kalpitiya. In Sri Lanka, being a foreigner is not that easy or self-evident. It made me happy!

After Lakshitha had intervened, on November 10th, at least construction material for the cement slab was finally delivered. This work is carried out by a subcontractor company. They have promised to start work on the 17th of November. They did not arrive until the 19th November but at least they came. They also worked for a whole week - sometimes at night.


But now they are back to Negombo. Kaliga's father should have delivered metal, sand, and cement so they could continue. He did not do that! The subcontractor company had also not received the second agreed installment. Lakshitha took over again but Kalinga's father just did not answer his calls. Lakshitha asked Dyan to call him and I sent him an SMS saying that if he continued to refuse Lakshita's phone calls, he would have very great difficulties. We do not know what finally worked, but Kalinga's father answered a phone call from Lakshitha. But then he pretended that he could not hear Lakshitha!

At the moment so some problems but also enjoyable things! But problems are there to be solved! I can do it!

Until then, greetings from 

David and Asanka and everyone else too

Thursday, 2nd November 2017 - 12th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Another newsletter and this time already at the beginning of the month. Here in Kalpitiya it is now "rainy season"! Then office work is a bit easier. Today it has rained all day with small interruptions and is a bit cool for here - only 25 ° C. A lot has happened in recent weeks, but unfortunately also something unpleasant again. I did not just want to report bad news in the last newsletter, so I did not mention something important.

Yes, that with the love of other humanbeings! I always have, I say, only one chronic illness (known to me). My helper syndrome! A good feature, I think, but it does not always pay off. And if I want to do something, I am only satisfied when my project is done and succeeded. And so far I have always succeeded! I met Asanka about 14 years ago during our holiday in Abu Dhabi. He told me a lot about himself. He did not have a nice childhood. His mother died very early, his father remarried and completely neglected the two children from his first marriage. I thought back then, here is a person who needs help!

With Asanka I have to admit my first defeat - at least for the moment. He - like me - believes and trusts everyone! And he is still labile. Not yet grown up! And he always attracts the wrong people somehow. And as soon as he knows zjrm, they are his friends! Drugs are a well-known and big problem here and he got into the drug milieu thanks to "his friends". We've had a crisis before, but thanks to my help, he managed to get "clean". Hardly was he back with "his friends" in Negombo it started again. And the drug addicts only have one thought in their head. How do I get the next drugs and how do I finance them? They lie, cheat and steal! Asanka had the very last warning before from me! Now he was caught with drugs and arrested again almost 5 weeks ago. Arrested by a CID officer who helps me now (s, below)! But this time he had so much that the charge was not just consumption but also dealing. Now he has been imprisoned in Negombo for nearly five weeks and is brought to court every two weeks. He has to expect 3 to 6 months imprisonment. Really no fun here! Of course you could buy him free. That's how it works here! But I will not do that. He promises - as so often - improvement and nothing changes. Lakshitha loves him and wants to help him. And I would also support his solution financially - with a "donation" for the judge. There are army-led camps where such people are "educated." It takes 6 - 12 months. The chances of success are over 60%. So an opportunity at least! If he just "squats off" his time in jail, then all of them there he meets are "his friends," it could even get worse with him then. And this way I do not take him back. With the army camp solution I can and will help and Lakshitha has tried to organize this. But he now had to return to his job in Dubai. And anyway, only a close relative (for example, an aunt) can bring this request to court. And the two eligible aunts are currently refusing. But I have "processed" one and Lakshitha will try from Dubai to influence the other (his mother). We have time until November 13th. Court is here on Mondays here in Kalpitiya! I hope it will work! We all love Asanka anyway and only want the best for him!

Now something positive! In recent days, thanks to Lakshitha (Asanka's cousin but he sees him as a brother), I have met some influential people and now have them by my side and can count fully with their support. First, a CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer here in Kalpitiya, who is now on my side, protecting and helping me. I can get in touch with him 24 hours a day! And unlike most people here, he does not want anything for his help. The help even goes as far as shopping! I am planning an irrigation system and need PVC pipes. I had already inquired about the prices in the hardware shop here in Kalpitiya. One inch pipe, 10 feet long 180 rupees. I told him. He picked up the phone and after the conversation he told me that in a neighboring village there would be a 13-foot pipe for 140-145 rupees! The connection was made by a former neighbor of my "Sri Lanka family" who is a rich fisherman here in Kalpitiya. The second person Dyan Lanza is also a very good friend of my "Sri Lanka Family*, who is Assistant Governor in Negombo, so there he is the second most important man!" At the last meeting he told me "do not trust or believe anyone here in Sri Lanka!".

Dyan also helped me to extend my resident visa. Last year was what Kalinga and Asanka "made", obviously not quite kosher. But it was quick. But now I have a proper visa and next year's renewal will not be a problem.


At the construction site there has been complete peace for several weeks! Kalinga has been promising for weeks to send people to do some outstanding things. For example, the new water pump does not work properly, the fence on the lagoon side should be finished, the electrical installations in the water tank construction should be checked, supplemented and corrected, and the railing for the stairs of the water tank construction finally assembled. Kalinga said "in the next few days" every time. But nothing happened! This as long as we have communicated! But communication almost came to a standstill. Kalinga claimed that his e-mail program was not working anymore, that he had not received any messages via Skype and he did not react to messages on Whatsapp at all! He usually did not take phone calls at all! Especially since Asanka "sits", who he incidentally only visited once as "his best friend"! Another problem is that the contract states that quality control should be performed weekly by a qualified engineer. This is now overdue despite several warnings since 31 weeks! Now, by registered mail, I gave a last opportunity for a correction until September 30th. Nothing happened, so I consulted my lawyer Shantha Niriella. He confirmed that, as I suspected, it was clearly a breach of contract. He suggested that the value of the work done to date be estimated by a neutral body and to reclaim the difference to the payments made. I'm not worried about the money because I made a contract amendment (supplement) which was signed by all. Kalinga, his father and his mother are liable together with their total assets incl. property. But a laborious process that would cost money and above all time.

I am also grateful to Lakshitha on this matter! He helped me a lot! He made inquiries. It turned out that Kalinga also has drug problems and is known in Negombo as a consumer and dealer! I strongly suspect that he has seduced Asanka back to consumption. His parents are considered serious business people! Lakshitha convinced me to try again and contacted Kalinga's father and arranged a meeting. He did not come. He also did not come to a second agreed meeting. Lakshitha informed Dyan, who in our presence called Kalinga's father and urged him to meet us as soon as possible and to resume work on the construction site. The same day the meeting took place. Kalinga's father came more than half an hour early! He could hardly believe it when he heard about the grievances with his son. It knew nothing about it all! He confirmed that both (Kalinga and Asanka) "lie, cheat and steal". On this occasion I asked him if when Asanka and Kalinga were with me in Switzerland last December, Kalinga's grandmother got sick and died. Everything is not true! Everything lied! In any case, Kalinga's father has fully accepted my condition that Kalinga no longer appears on the site! Asanka is "cared for" for the time being, and I do not want and will nt tolerate drug addicts on the construction site, where I am building and running a health center. He has also promised to resume work in November, only with the current weather it is out of the question. If necessary, Dyan will help again! Then something moves! And in a flash. He has a lot of influence!

But now something pleasing! Lakshitha and I had the same idea almost at the same time! Thahil, who I have already mentioned and who always looks after everything when we are not in Kalpitiya, of course has not had any work since construction freeze because he worked for Kalinga. Unless we hired him as a night watch during our absence. Now he works full time for me! We were able to now start what Asanka and I wanted to do. I mentioned it in the penultimate newsletter but made a secret of it. I love water! There will be a fountain between the main house and the guest house. The shell fountain! Also in the sense of recycling, which is important here, as formerly fishermen cleaned their nets on the property and the most beautiful shells are available in masses but only lying around. Here are a few pictures of the creation (Thahil prepares the steel reinforcement, everything ready for the cement, three boys help to carry cement, poured cement and pulled up wall - tube for sewage and electrical lines are not missing):

Fountain-1   Fountain-2   Fountain-3

Fountain-4   Fountain-7    Fountain-6

As soon as the weather permits, we will continue. Another row of cement blocks, then plaster, paint inside with waterproof paint and outside and at the top mortar and the shells. Then we can install the pump and the underwater light, fill it with water and put it into operation!

Finally, something else good. The entrance gates are finally finished and now with the oval plates and the letters. Also thanks to Lakshithas help!

Gates-1   Gates-2

After the fountain comes the irrigation system. There too I had to gain experience! More about that in the next newsletter!

At the moment so some problems but also pleasing things! But problems are there to be solved! I can do it!

Until then, best greetings from 

David and Asanka and everyone else too

Wednesday, 11th October 2017 - 11th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Again a newsletter but this time with a little delay. In the last few weeks may but unfortunately mainly unpleasant things have happened

About three weeks ago I suddenly had high fever and my right foot and lower leg were swollen and unpleasantly discolored. Memories of my sepsis a good year ago were awaken! There was certainly some infection! I finally got to a doctor in Kalpitiya who prescribed antibiotics and as much rest as possible. A bit difficult for me! After three days there was no big improvement, so he changed the antibiotic. That has worked! But I still have problems with the swelling (especially towards the evening) but this is certainly due to the present stressful situation and the fact that after the five surgeries, the lymphatics are disrupted. But it will be OK again in time! But I always try to see the positive side of every apparently negative situation. This time I found a great doctor, who reminded me of my family doctor in Switzerland, who immediately offered to take care of our guests or to come to us in case of emergency. He speaks excellent English - almost better than me! Excellent!

It was just when I had high fever that it happened with Lucy. I went to bed very early and Asanka came back much later than he had promised. This is unfortunately almost "normal" with him. Lucy was still alone out on the property, which is normally not a problem and Asanka had promised to feed her. When he came back, Lucy was bleeding strongly from the nose and mouth! We first thought another dog had bitten her. But we did not see a bite wound. Sumith suspects she was poisoned. It seems that these symptoms happen in such cases. In any case, we did not managed to stop the bleeding. The next morning she was extremely weak. She almost greeted me as much as usual, walked from the kennel to the water tank construction, but shortly afterwards collapsed and died "in my arms". I am still very sad and miss her very much! I lost a true friend. Here is a last picture of her with me.


Here you get - at a quite favorable price - unroasted "green" coffee beans, which you can then roast yourself. Here Asanka at work:


If Asanka can be "persuaded" to work, he can do it - usually but not always - quite well. However, he has trouble following my instructions and then puts his head through! Here are two examples! We have liberated a tree from the dead branches. He did a really good job!


In another tree he started, but came back very quickly. Bees! I said we could start on the other side and later we could make a smoke fire and drive the bees out so we can finish cutting. But he did not want to go up again, so I cut three-quarters of the tree. Later, together with a friend, he continued the fence we had begun some time ago with the dead branches freed from leaves. Suddenly I saw a huge fire! He had stacked all the dead dry leaves together with his friend around the tree and lit them. Instead of smoking out the bees, half the tree has gone up in flames.


We - but mainly I myself - have cleared the back part of the plot again. We had already freed the approximately 1500 m2 of bushes, weeds and rubbish and this time we had mainly to do with weeds. Now it is almost finished.


We want to install an irrigation system and make the first plantings - limes, mangos, guavas, bananas, pineapples, vegetables, coconut palms and ornamental shrubs. The fence is still missing on the lagoon side. Without the fence, cows, goats and donkeys can roam on the property! And with a new planting we can not do with them.

Kalinga has promised to do the fence and also other things which have to be done but since a few weeks (always "in the next days") but it does not happen. Also on the construction site nothing gas been done for a few weeks. Supposedly, the material for the roofs has not yet been delivered, and the people who should make the cement slab do not have time yet and are busy elsewhere. This also worries me!

With Asanka there are unfortunately still some problems! Time will tell! Perhaps, however, I must act according to the saying: "Better an end with horror, than a horror without end"!

At the moment, as you can see, some problems! But problems are there to be solved! I can do it!

More in the next newsletter!

Until then dear greetings from 

David, Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Monday, 4th September 2017 - 10th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

We have now received the long-awaited electrical connection! The installation took place on Saturday, 26 August in the afternoon.

   NL_09-17-1-4  NL_09-17-1-5

Now some things work much better. However, the electrician has made some mistakes during the installations. Partially, light switches do not work and sockets are without electricity! Here, however, there are always power failures, although there is in the area a charcoal and a wind power plant! After such a power failure my desktop would not start. All attempts have so far been in vain. There will be nothing else to do but to make a new installation. But the recovery CDs are somewhere in the tent! We are already looking for them!

A lot has happened to the bitches. Lady (the brown one) has obviously always been very sickly and is also not the youngest. In Kalpitiya she had first a swollen right forefoot - but she had recovered from it. After that, both had problems with parasites in their ears. With Lucy (the black pne) I could remove this but Lady did not let me do so. She developed a real problem with it and we were with her in Negmbo at the animal clinic. But here, too, she did not let anyone do anything! Because she was really sick, we had to leave her in Negombo at Nimellis when we returned to Kalpitiya several days ago. I hoped she would recover

Lady had recovered quite well at Nilmellis but died shortly after her recovery. As already said, she was already quite old and always very sickly. For her certainly a release.

Lucy has it really nice now! She has got used to the surroundings, now knows where her "home" is and now I can leave her almost all day outside. She enjoys the freedom! However, she has also become extremely attached, usually follows me at every step and always wants to be stroked and caressed. I also try to spend a lot of time with her and she appreciates it obviously!

Lucy is doing me well! She is really very loving, loves me and shows me it to me too! She also obeys quite well. Now she is sleeping at the entrance to the water tank construction and is guarding me! Asanka is in town having breakfast!


Another animal suddenly appeared on the site. A turtle. Beautiful pattern! Asanka let himself be persuaded to suppress his fear and pose with it!

   NL_09-17-1-7   NL_09-17-1-8

The animal world, however, also shows here its most beautiful side. Recently, in Nilmelli's garden, I managed this snapshot of a beautiful blue bird.


I had informed that we had been asked to participate in an exhibition at the end of August in Kalpitiya. Unfortunately, this has been postponed to December. We had prepared a beautiful flyer with texts in English, Sinhala and Tamil. But we can also use this afterwards.


Asanka and I are preparing something on the construction site.

NL_09-17-1-2   NL_09-17-1-3   NL_09-17-1-11

What will this be? The secret will be solved when we're finished!!

More in the next newsletter!

Until then, dear greetings from

David, Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Thursday, 10th August 2017 - 9th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

I would have liked to be able to say that we had received the long-sighted electrical connection now! It's an Odyssey - and a very expensive one too! Even if Asanka had largely dealt with things, they knew that a European is behind it and there the hands are held out! We still count on the connection every day!

We have arranged things in the water tank construction for the most part, all things have been moved and we have now moved in. It is slightly cramped but it is only for a few months!

NL-09-17-9   NL-09-17-10   NL-09-17-10-1 

However, the construction and installation work has some flaws, which Kalinga has promised to correct. For example, windows can not be closed completely. Some people also have the greatest trouble to fit things and, above all, to install them correctly. The towel rail in the bathroom, for example, is not straght and mounted with two different types of screws! And the electrician, with his installations - even after the second attempt - did not have anything in the middle or straight. Not even three sockets, which lie next to each other at the same height!

NL-09-17-1  NL-09-17-2  NL-09-17-3


I made it clear to Kalinga that I would not tolerate such things in the other two buildings! He has promised in the contract excellent quality and I want it too!

The entrance gates are now standing - but provisionally - and the gate posts are now being constructed. The golden letters "CHHC" are still missing! We have now a special page on our homepage - -, where he is the first to figure! We have installed a provisional television antenna (the workers can now watch TV) and the display board is also mounted on the wall of the water tank construction. Everything is lit evenings! The board, water tank construction, fence (partly only), and also a king coconut palm is decorated.


NL-09-17-12   NL-09-17-13  NL-09-17-14

From the water tank construction one can observe the work of the fishermen. A peaceful picture - without the hustle and bustle of the Western world!

NL-09-17-4   NL-09-17-5

There is a crossroads in Palavi on the main road from Colombo / Negombo to Puttalam, where you branch off to Kalpitiya. This week we have mounted the display board there!


More in the next Newsletter!

Until then best regards from

David, Asanka, Kalinga and all others as well

Thursday, 20th July 2017 - 8th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time for a change shortly after the middle of the month quickly the latest, because in a short time very many exciting things happened.

I forgot last time to mention that the mentioned wedding of the foreman was postponed. Obviously, he had tried to book the date for the church wedding far too late!

With the car repair we had to have - as with so many things here - a lot of patience! Finally, we got the car back on Thursday July 13th again!

FlyerBefore our trip to Negombo we were asked by a local minister to support an exhibition and fair in August / September in Kalpitiya. We are even considering renting a stand! We could propagate the guest house, the therapy center with the offered therapies and our representation in Sri Lanka for the company Medica Health Int. in the UK.







During our time in Negombo with Nilmelli and Sumith, a relative, Dyan moved into a new house and did not want to take the two bitches with him, since everything in the house was so new and he now has less space and only a small garden. He wanted however to know that the two bitches were well cared for and brought them to Nilmelli and Sumith. Nilmelli knows that we plan to buy one to two dogs and immediately made the suggestion that we take one of the bitches.

We were for a while undecided! Both are quite large and strong for Sri Lanka. But also very friendly! But now they are both with us in Kalpitiya with their doghouse but with a new roof.

  WS-Hund-1   WS-Hund-2   WS-Hund-3

The problem was that at Nilmelli's place everyone was afraid of the dogs! Even Asanka! I am the only one who went to them in the cages and brought water and food.

Piantha, the husband of Romesha, works in Abu Dhabi and has a good position that allows him to "import" his family. After a long time the family - Romesha with the two children Rochaine and Elisha - have now received the necessary visas and have now travelled there. There was a big farewell in the afternoon and now all (including Grandma!) are always through Skype with the family in contact.

WS-07-17-1-2   WS-07-17-1-3

Sumith goes to work using an ancient bike and Nilmelli was mostly dependent on Romesha with her scooter if she wanted to go somewhere. Now the bike is almost no longer usable and Romesha is no longer here. Asanka and I have therefore decided - also as thanks for their great help - to give them an electric scooter. They are very happy!


On the site in Kalpitiya, we have already cleared more than 1000 m2 in the rear, weeded and leveled. We were about to begin the planting, and we made a provisional fence as a precaution. But this has proved to be absolutely inadequate. Ropes (also nylon) are bitten by dogs, goats, donkeys and cows and posts are pushed over. The problem is that in Sri Lanka such animals are running around wildly and go wherever it is not "watertight". On three sides we have barbed wire fences. Only on the road/lagoont side is still only the demarcation but no fence yet. We have asked Kalinga to do this as soon as possible so that we can continue with the landscaping and planting.


We have tried to improve the barbed wire fences! On the one hand so they look better and on the other as a visual protection. As usual here with palm leaves, which we bought from a neighbor. On the side of the guest house, where the guest rooms are which also have a small terrace and garden furniture, we have used braided palm leaves, which ensure a better visual protection. Of course these will all have to be replaced after a couple of years but they are extremely reasonable in price.

WS-07-17-1-5   WS-07-17-1-6

Construction is now going on fast! The walls of the main house are for the most part already finished. Now the cement slab for the guest house and the roof of the main house have to be done, then it continues with the interior construction.

  WS-07-17-1-7  WS-07-17-1-8

The water tank construction is now ready! The water tank must first be filled twice and emptied twice, so that the plastic odor disappears and is no longer transferred to the water. We also have to install the poster on the street side and decorative lighting!


We were finally able to partly take it over on Tuesday, July 11th and the required and ordered items were delivered by the companies Singer and Damro. Nice to have a stove and a fridge again as well as the deepfreezer which i brought with me! We got the things from the tent, which we need and are now provisionally furnished. We do not have all that much space but I have my desktop again and the first CCTV system is already provisionally set up. And we have a nice bathroom as well. Later, the premises will be used only by the security service. The electricity has now been promised for next Monday

 WS-07-17-1-9  WS-07-17-1-10

Carla's Heritage Estate Assistance ( has just published the first offer - A lovely piece of land in a beautiful location.

More in the next newsletter!

Until then, dear greetings from 

David, Asanka, Kalinga and all the others as well

Friday, 30th June 2017 - 7th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

This time it took some time for this newsletter but it is pretty turbulent here at the moment! There is much to control, organize, discuss and decide.

Recently there was a church festival in the quarter of Kalinga and Asanka and I was invited. Kalinga and his parents - as it is custom -  distributed bread rolls - all in all 1,000 pieces! It was all very colorful and cheerful.

NL7-1   NL7-2   NL7-3   

About 10 days ago it happened! Asanka was driving the car in Kapitiya and had an accident together with a tuk tuk. He is otherwise a really good driver. But just a moment of carelessness.....

NL7-A1   NL7-A2 

We had to deal with the insurance and the police and then go to Negombo to have the repair done. We have been here for more than a week here in Negombo but the repair should be finished by the beginning of next week.

On the construction site thigs are partly now going faster but sometimes also slow as it seems to us. The foundation of the main house is now finished and they have started with the walls. The guest house is almost so far that ey can pour the cement slab. The water tank construction is almost finished on the ground floor (painting and floor still have to be made) and on the first floor the walls of the bathroom are already made. The electrical connection is still missing! It's a race! Everything is promised and nothing is done! Frustrating but it is this way here in Sri Lanka. We hope to move in soon.

NL7-4   NL7-5   NL7-6

It is customary for a religious poster or banner to be placed at every construction site. Sri Lanka, as I have recently heard, belongs to the most believing countries on earth. For everything is prayed and blessing wanted.

The poster on Romesha's house looks like this  NL7-7

But we have decided on something more modern,,NL7-8  which we have designed ourselves.

The posters now adorn water tank construction and guest house.

NL7-9   NL7-10

At the beginning of this week we received an emergency call from the workers in Kapitiya. Kalpitiya is known for the strong winds - thus so popular as a kite-surfing area - and this has long been a trial for the tent. A few small cracks in the roof material from pointed objects, which are stored in the tent and touch the roof, have been enough. The fabric is torn and the tent almost completely uncovered. The workers have provisionally covered it, but we had to go the next day to make a proper repair. Asanka organized two friends in Kalpitiya and we bought corrugated metal sheets and constructed a roof. Fortunately, it had not rained heavily - as here in Negombo partial in recent days - and we hope that nothing has come to harm. We will see when we are back in Kalpitiya.

NL7-11   NL7-12

Now we are waiting for the car repair and then we go back to Kalpitiya.

More in the next newsletter!

Until then, dear greetings from 

David, Asanka, Kalinga und allen Anderen auch

Friday, 26th May 2017 - 6th Newsletter 2017 from Carla’s Heritage Health Center

Dear friends

Once again a newsletter from Sri Lanka. This time again with more positive news!

Work on the construction site continues! However there are currently serious communication problems with the general contractor Kalinga, who is - but partly to his excuse - quite sick. Nevertheless, it is absolutely incomprehensible for me that appointments for the inspection of the construction site are agreed on and these are not kept - without notifying us! And this now six times! I gave him my opinion clearly and unambiguously. If the situation does not improve, we will have to draw conclusions

But now current pictures of the site and construction works. I finally got a new camera in Colombo - a Nikon Coolpix D500. Below (from left to right) a panorama picture of the whole site, the new well with pump (20 feet deep drilled), the water tank construction, the ground plan and foundations of the guesthouse and the therapy center, the preparations for the septic tank for the waste water of the water tank construction and a few more pictures of the construction site.


NL_05-17-2   NL_05-17-3  NL_05-17-4  NL_05-17-5

NL_05-17-6   NL_05-17-7.  NL_05-17-8.

Although we already applied for the electricity connection at the end of February, this - like many other things here - really take their time! We have already bought the electric panel and have mounted it.


But we hope to have electricity directly at the construction site next week and also that we can move in to the water tank construction in the beginning / middle of June.

Two propaganda boards are now ready. We now need to install the solar-powered lighting inside which I brought with me. The entrance gates have now been delivered to Sumith and Nilmelli^s house. But the letters "CHHC" and two back walls are still missing. The latter we will be transported to Kalpitiya together with the mattress, which we collected yesterday in Negombo and also stored at Nilmelli's house.

NL_05-17-10.   NL_05-17-9.

At the beginning of the week we were in Chilaw and ordered a few pieces of furniture and also a refrigerator, which we need for the water tank construction. Yesterday we were in Negombo and did a few things and also ordered a cooker (gas burner and electric oven). All ordered items are now on demand and will then be delivered to Kalpitiya as soon as the water tank construction is ready for occupancy.

In Sri Lanka, recycling is a priority! Hardly anything here is throwed away. I was shattered at first at the Nations Trust Bank. There was a bottle of water on every desk - it's clear with the climate here. But not bottled water bottles but "old" bottles filled with tap water. The tap water in the cities - if you are connected - is very good and drinkable. The "old" bottles on the desks were, for example, "Absolut Vodka", "Johnnie Walker Black Label", "Smirnoff Vodka" and other expensive drinks. Just re-used! We have also recycled! From the branches of the cut trees, we cut off the leaves and used the branches for a fence in the corner, where we plan a vegetable garden to make access for small animals difficult. Finally, I managed to photograph a cute guy - a Ting-Ting. A kind of small squirrel about 20 cm long. But they are extremely nimble, so I have not succeeded so far. They are everywhere in Sri Lanka.

NL_05-17-13.  NL_05-17-11.

With Asanka it is - after some serious problems - very good at the moment. Let's see if he manages it long term and whether it works off!

We are now mainly in Kalpitiya. However, we go back to Negombo on the next Saturday at the latest, as on Sunday the foreman Sampath celebrates his wedding and we are invited to the festival. We will have our car decorated and make it available to him for the journey to the church. It will certainly be an experience!

Read more in the next newsletter!

Until then dear greetings from
David, Asanka, Kalinga and all the others                    

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